Today is the day....

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I am starting my first workout tonight. and I am very nervous. The idea of standing in the gym, and doing the first workout in the first stage makes me tremble a little. I am sure it is because I have never really "Lifted" before. I have played around a little with weights, and the machines, but really not sure what to look for in that mirror as I start. I am going to have my husband there (who use to lift, but has not in many years) to help me, but he can sometimes be overbearing, and in this I am afraid he will be just that. Please tell me my nerves will subside. I have read the entire book, printed the logs, and am ready to go.....I think.

Please add me as a friend if you are working on the same program...I am going to need all the support I can. I feel like I am landing on an alien planet without hope of communicating with the natives....................EEEEEEKK!


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    Congratulations! This program will allow you to blow your own mind with how much strength you possess. Getting going can be tough, and there are those first workouts where you do an exercise, think "that was weird" or felt a little funny, then get home and google and you realize you did it completely wrong! I liked to do a bit of a practice run on my first workout in any stage - that is, do the move with significantly lighter weight than my ultimate goal would be and make sure my knees and back felt good. Once I felt confident in the move, I was shocked at how much I actually liked lifting weights, how good it feels to be strong, and how strong I actually am. I think you will have a great time! Good luck and stick with it!
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    Thanks for the advice.. I will try practice runs. Hopefully that will take anx out of my anxiety.
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    Like some of the kind ladies here told me, just do it! It sounds like you've prepared as much as you can, so now it's time to jump in. Your hubby will be there, so listen to his advice, even if he's overbearing. I'm sure you've had practice dealing with him being overbearing, so put that into play and do what you need to do. I tend to nod and agree and then go about my business. :smile:

    Good luck! You can do it.
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    I will thank you. Here is another question. Did you all tweak you calorie intake up? to what is recommended in the book? I am going to give a go at the higher calories for a while, and see how it goes.