Best websites for Paleo recipes?

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Slowly easing into Paleo here....please recommend your fave recipe websites! I like to cook but am not looking for anything super-hard or time consuming. :flowerforyou:


  • TriLifter
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    My favorites are:,,,, and
  • redheadmommy
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    Beside the one already mentioned , I like She probably less strict than others, and paleofies things and have kiddy foods. I like her blog and recipes because her life situation is similar to mine: trying to convert a non-paleo husband and have school age kids with digestive issues.

    I mainly use my ipad for personal things, and I like to use apps. Although it doesn't have as much recipe as the website , but I paid for the nomnompaleo app for convenience and I like it a lot. Also I end up searching pinterest for paleo recipes more than particular paleo site.
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    and I find ALOT on pinterest
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    Nomnompaleo is great and is most like how I eat on a daily basis. I also really like (She does have a lot of Paleo treats and baked goods, but there are plenty of meal recipes in there too.) is also excellent, but it should be noted some of his recipes are not "strict" Paleo (though easy enough to customize based on your preferences). has a really nice mix of informational articles and recipes.
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    I just made this last night

    banoffee pie!

    SO delicious.
  • Mrs_Duh
    Mrs_Duh Posts: 263, and are my faves!