Birthday Nibbles

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Calling all real foodies!! Wait, that's pretty much all of us, right?!? Anyway, my birthday is coming up and I NEVER do anything for it because it falls right around Thanksgiving and everyone is so busy that I don't want to be a bother. Well, this year I decided I do want to have a gathering of my besties which I will host at my house. YAY! Birthday fun! The problem?

1: They have no comprehension of how I eat, I think it's too much for them to wrap their heads around
2: One is vegan (blech) and can't tolerate sugar in any form, One is pescatarian, and one is mainly pescatarian but omnivorous when I provide her with meats from happy animals or she gets venison from her dad.

The main things I want for the gathering are Champange, Dry Rose, and NIBBLES!!!! I am looking for suggestions on nibbles that could go paleo and either veg or vegan (blech). I don't want to spend the whole day in the kitchen before they come over and only the vegan (blech) does much creative cooking, the others are more of buy it and add your own touch.

Here are my thoughts so far:
Nut cheese with veggie rounds, coconut flour rosemary and raisin crackers with goat or brie, paleo naan bread pizzas (bring your own toppings), nuts, olives, high quality cured meats (for me), pears and figs, and either make or procure a flourless chocolate torte.

I want us to be satiated and have a full spread of varied foods. Please, any ideas, suggestions, recipes are very very welcome!!!!


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    It all sounds good. A veggie platter with a paleo dip? Lettuce rolls with fillings (instead of the finger sandwich thing)? I've seen some yummy paleo truffle recipes that I'm dying to try - made with dates and rolled in crushed nuts. I recently made rosemary crackers with almond flour and ate them with goat cheese. I was really missing cheese and crackers that day!

    Can you get each one of them to bring a dish?

    I hope you have a fun event and a very happy birthday!
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    I wanna come to your Birthday :D
  • KarenisPaleo
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    Last Christmas my sister made goat cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped dates. I didn't think I liked dates, these were amazing.

    VERY delicious. Mmmmmmmmm

    ( I guess the bacon rules these out for your friends, but in any event, these are a wonderful primal appetizer)
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    i'd probably do some simple platters of misc nuts, fruits, veg, dips etc.

    and THIS BANOFFEE PIE which is absolutely delicious and is both paleo & vegan friendly.

    or alternatively a watermelon cake if the sweetness of the dates would be too much for your friend.