First week of Paleo, normal to feel sluggish??

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Hi all,
I've been a part of this community forever, and have recently transitioned to a Paleo lifestyle. I'm on my fourth day. Yesterday I was in a crappy mood all day, and felt "foggy", as in it literally took me forever to get anything done at work. Today I woke up a little tired, but so far not as bad as yesterday. But still not 100%. Normal??


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    Yep. Search the forum for "carb flu" and know it won't last forever. :smile:
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    Since you are new to Paleo, but not MFP, how much fat are you eating? I started out at 75-80% and now I aim for 70%. Imo, 50% is the bare minimum. You may feel gross for a little while but higher fat will help you transition through. Also, eat as much protein and fat Paleo foods to satisfy rather than limiting calories for now, get relaxation as needed (epsom salt bath is my fave) and get lots of sleep.

    For me, I have to be careful with fruit, especially during transition. If your body is craving sugar eating fruit will not resolve the sugar craving, it will make it worse. I try to only eat fruit when things are going smoothly, no cravings or struggles, and then maximum 2 servings per day. However, as a person less obese than I was, perhaps sugar is not a big issue for you. Trial and error. Different ways work for different people.
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    Normal to feel sluggish :) It will pass, just make sure you are eating enough healthy fats and a little fruit helps too!
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    TOTALLY normal.

    Don't worry, Joy and freedom from those crazy cravings isn't far off =)
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    Thank you for the responses. I will look up 'carb flu!'