Peer Reviewed Articles - how can you tell?

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I understand what it means, but how do you know if an article has been peer reviewed? I have even googled "how to know if something is peer reviewed", but I'm not coming up with anything that helps.

Specifically I have been searching for information on the effects of ibuprofen on strength training, and lifting with scoliosis.


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    I go by the title of the journal, i.e. knowing which journals are peer reviewed and which are not. You can look up the journal itself on the internet, and see its website. I'm not sure if there's a list somewhere of which journals are peer reviewed or not. Personally, I'm into palaeoanthropology so I recognise from the journal title whether it's peer reviewed or not, and that I learned at university, because all the major palaeoanthropology journals were in the library, and they were all peer reviewed. But they all have websites (although you can only read the abstracts on the websites if you don't subscribe to the journal, which is expensive, but usually the abstract tells you what you want to know)
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    Hi Karindiane,
    Have you ever used ""?
    Pubmed is run by the National Library of Medicine. It is a resource for peer-reviewed articles. You can search terms like "ibuprofen" and "weight training" and it will give you articles on that topic. I do not think they have anything in there that is not peer reviewed. Certainly, the vast majority of articles you find in there are serious, peer-reviewed articles.
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    If the article is from a journal with a reasonable-sounding name, it probably has been. If it's from a blog, website, newsletter, etc., it probably hasn't been. Also check to see if the article cites references - it doesn't mean it has been peer reviewed but shows the authors have at least done some research.

    ^^ Ditto what he said above. You can google your search term(s) with the word "pubmed" and it will help you find the better papers.
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    The link has the main places to look:
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    Thanks so much everyone - I appreciate the help and this is exactly what I was looking for. :flowerforyou:

    Now off to read some peer reviewed articles!