Macros for weight loss?

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Hi all,
I'm still early on in the Paleo road, and I'm actively trying to achieve fat loss. I have a history of not being consistent, and I tend to switch things up too soon because I get discourged easily. I've been trying to lose fat for a while now (as you can see.)

Anyway, I digress...can those who are trying to lose body fat (or have lost body fat) tell me what your macros are set at? I know everybody is different and I might need to tweak, but I'd like to at least get off on the right foot.

By the way, I would love Paleo friends for support...please add me. :)


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    I am ketogenic Primal/Paleo (ie sometimes I have dairy, sometimes I give it up for awhile). I started out at 75-80% fat, 15-20% protein and 5% carb. As my health has improved, I changed my macros to 70% fat, 20% protein, 10% carbs. I still try to not reach the 10% of carbs but... doing ok for the most part. My weight loss has slowed but I only have 10-20 pounds left to go so that's totally healthy and expected.

    I am VERY consistent, passionate and dedicated to my lifestyle. I am more than happy with my progress over the last 16 months. I focus more on my health achievements, but effortless fat loss has been a wonderful side effect.
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    Macros are a slippery thing to try and pin down. I've chased a lot of different ratios hoping one would lead me to nirvana but ultimately it seems like I haven't been able to find any one set up that is far and away better for me. Here is a run-down of some options you might try.

    High protein: This one is pretty common for calorie restricted weight training. I think the idea is to eat more protein than you probably really need. You want to be certain you aren't deficient in protein when lifting weights on a calorie deficit and run the risk of your body breaking down muscle. Also some say that protein has more satiety and takes more calories to be broken down by your body, this resulting in more fat loss. Something like 45 / 20 / 35 for Prot / Carb / Fat. Here is a good write up on how to set up this type of plan -

    Ketogenic: This is a low carb, Atkins Induction style set up where you get the bulk of your calories from fat and eat just enough protein to meet your exercise demands. It would look something like 25 / 10 / 65 for Prot / Carb / Fat. Some people do this with a carb nite or carb backloads asJohn Kiefer suggests to reset hormone levels.

    MDA: Another option would be quite similar to what you are currently doing and has been laid out by Mr. Primal himself, Mark Sisson. Take a read here, but it will end up being quite close to your current macros I think.

    Good luck in your search. At the end of the day, try some things out and eat the way that makes you feel best. I've never seen a significant change in fat or weight loss with any of these really, but that is just my experience. Hopefully others will chime in as well.