January Whole30

Lizzard_77 Posts: 232 Member
I will be doing my second W30 in January and a few of my buddies are as well. I wanted to reach out and see if anyone else was and if there would be interest in a separate Jan W30 group? If folks are interested in joining and having a group I can create one. Also anyone who would like to become friends and have that added support structure, feel free to send me a request.

I am beyond excited for my second one and it will be desperately needed after the holidays at my in-law's house where healthy, esp primal/paleo healthy, is not in their vocab!


  • Mrs_Vad3r
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    I am down. When i did the whole 30 last summer i lost 15 pounds in 1 month, i loved it. Felt great and looked great. Then i fell off the wagon, i need to get back on and lose the weight. Feel free to add me!
  • kikih64
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    I am reading the book now and was planning to give it a whirl in January. I would be interested in any support I can get! I did something similar in August to kick off a change to paleo/primal, but have been backsliding a bit during the holidays. It will be nice to start fresh. Thanks!
  • ShannonKirton
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    I'm going to give it another go in January too! I was very pleased with the way my body responded to the last one I did and I felt better than ever, so I think after the Christmas goodies (which aren't even that much) I will still need to do it for my sanity.
  • Akimajuktuq
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    I wouldn't need a special group as Whole30 is more and more becoming my regular eating pattern (slightly modified). I will likely be back on the Whole30 in January, but probably not January 1. I'm having holidays from Dec 19 through Jan 5 so I'm going to enjoy a couple of weeks with cheese, cream and other naughties (never cheat with wheat!) before getting back on track. But I'll let everyone know when I'm back at it and I will offer as much support (and passion) as I can!
  • novarugger10
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    I'm in! This will be my first Whole30 so super excited! Not looking to lose weight but just wanting to kick off the year by eating 100% healthy so that it can become a pattern for the rest of 2014.
  • Quinnstinct
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    I'm in, a group to check in with would be great, supportive, and informative. I'm not back in town until the 3rd but will join then. I'm already picking out recipes and making note of what I have in the freezer. Great idea!
  • ortega1990
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    I think I'm ready to do a Whole30 - it will be my first one. I've been practicing and thinking about what I'll be making and eating. I've also told my husband of my intent so that he's ready for me to be making more whole food meals (and also not eating everything he cooks!) So.... I'm in!
  • Lizzard_77
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    I went ahead and created a group for the Jan W30. Feel free to join up. I'll try to get some good info posted over there in the next few days. We can all do this together and make it our most successful Whole30 yet!

  • joybedford
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    I am in this will be first whole 30 excited but slightly nervous.
  • KBGirts
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  • Kaelitr0n
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    Count me in! I have a group of 9 people locally who are going to do the Whole30 with me this time :D I did my first one just last month, but am ready to go at it again!
  • fitnessbugg
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    Great thread! Definitely going to join the group. Looking forward to a Whole30 to start the year off right!
  • racheljonel
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    I'd definitely be down for it! I'm in the same situation....holidays getting the better of me and for lack of a better term I honestly feel like a can of busted biscuits right now. A Whole 30 sounds like just the ticket!
  • juliebeannn
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    i'm in!
  • irishguns
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    I was planning on doing a W30 after the holidays, so I'm in!
  • Juliste
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    Hello, I'm in. This will be my second W30 and looking forward to joining the group .
  • I'm in - this will be my third, and will appreciated having a support group of like-minded folks to tough base with!
  • Count me in - thanks!
  • New here but I'm in too if that's ok? Seem to have hit a plateau already, even though I have lots of fat/weight to lose. Hoping this will kickstart things again.
  • IN!!