Re-introduction with WAPF foods

Lizzard_77 Posts: 232 Member
I am doing my second Whole30 in the beginning of January. I am going to do my re-introductions with properly prepared grains, legumes etc. I want to find out if the extra time it takes to soak, sprout, and sour these items is worth it. In fact I think I am going to re-intro with properly prepared items then do it again with regular. I fully believe in these processes and I think it will be interesting to see the effect. Anyone have any input on traditional preparations as opposed to not and how they affect you?


  • Aspieb
    Aspieb Posts: 26
    Before I head to bed tonight, I'm going to start some flour soaking for pancakes tomorrow. I soak it in milk and yogurt and leave it in the oven with the light turned on. They are so much lighter - both in how they cook - and how they eat :)