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Re-Starting C25K

fitplease Posts: 647 Member
I enjoyed using C25K this year, and ran a PB (personal best time) 5K in May. After that, illness and injury sidelined my running. So, here I am, restarting C25K with plans to join a winter running program and work toward a 10K in May 2014. I have already completed Week 1 and am starting Week 2 today. I am trying to move ahead, not one week at a time as I did before, but to move ahead by running every other day and changing up weeks every fourth day. So, I would run each week three times. My goal is to be able to run 30 minutes by the time the running program starts up at the end of January. Distance and speed is not a concern.

I welcome any new friends who are restarting C25K or have similar profiles to mine. Please add me!


  • likitisplit
    likitisplit Posts: 9,420 Member
    So, what you are saying is that you will run every other day:

    M - W1D1
    W - W1D2
    F - W1 D3
    Su - W2 D1
    Tu - W2 D2
    Th - W2 D3

    Since you did C25k before, I don't see that as a long did you run before you quit? Can you run a 1/2 mile easily now? How did you get injured?
  • shelbyjane2007
    shelbyjane2007 Posts: 44 Member
    I started C25k back in march/april and was one week from finishing. Then a family tragedy happened and I am just now starting back with week one day one due to putting 14 pounds back on out of the 27 that I had lost. I started back yesterday. Welcome back!
  • likitisplit
    likitisplit Posts: 9,420 Member
    Good on both of you for starting again!