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Hi All!
I was recently put on Insulin and am starting the new journey of carb counting like a madwoman and sticking myself with needles 4 times a day. My doctor wants me to test like crazy - waking, before meals, after meals, and before bed. That means 8 times a day, if not more or less based on how I feel and how I'm doing. He gave me a prescription for test strips for my glucometer, but if I test as much as he wants, I'm going to definitely run out, and those little suckers are expensive! Even with my copay, they were $35. I'm curious if anyone else has that problem, and what you do to get more. Do you suck it up and pay OTC? Is there an awesome website I have yet to find? Do you just not test?



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    I am in the same boat right with you, and here's what I did. I went to Wal Mart! They have a glucose meter you can buy OTC for about $15, and the test strips for it are $9 for a box of 50. It's the ReliOn Prime, in a green and blue box. They have others by ReliOn but the strips cost more, so be sure you get the right one. I was paying $35 a box before too. I'm testing 7 times a day and getting tired of it, lol Good luck! Carol in Tennessee
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    I also went with the WalMart ReliOn Prime glucose meter (with 50 strips for $9). I compared the results with my more expensive monitor and strips and they were within a point or two. Several friends have also switched and are happy with their ReliOn.
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    Talk with your doctor or diabetes educator and let them know your situation. They can make sure you have the meter and strips that are the best value for your situation. It's great you're taking charge of your diabetes. ~Lynn /Glucerna