Where do you live?

Dare2Believe Posts: 140 Member
Hi everyone. I am new to TOPS and to this group. I was wondering where people were located. I searched the records but it looks like that topic hasn't been updated for over 18 months. I hope you don't mind my asking.

I lost 30 pounds last year using MFP but gained it and another 12 back during a stressful time period. I decided to try again only this time get some outside, in person, support, hence TOPS. I look forward to getting to know all of you better.

Good luck on your weight loss journey.


  • Amazon_Who
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    I live in Baton Rouge, LA and belong to LA 0312 where I serve as Assistant Weight Recorder.

    Where are you?

  • Dare2Believe
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    I live in Pinellas Park, FL. Should have included that in my OP....lol
  • nmleisa
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    I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. :) Been a member of TOPS since 2001, and have made some of my best friends in my chapter. Also the weight recorder for our chapter, and have been secretary in the past. :)
  • coffeeluvr59
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    I live In Arizona, about 40 minutes south of Phoenix. I've been in TOPS for 5 years. I have been the weight recorder and now have the honor of serving as our chapter leader. I'm just the organizer, as far as I'm concerned. The members make the meetings great!
  • eeyoregal40
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    Been doing myfitnesspal for a while on my phone, now trying the website......
    Chapter 232 Casselberry, Florida
    **Dare2Believe, are you attending SRD 2014 in Daytona?
  • Mum23DKA
    Lakefield, Ontario, Canada!
  • shirleyh1946
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    Hi!! I'm NEW to Your Group.
    Greenville, PA:smile:
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    I live in Laughlin, NV....but belong to TOPS AZ0550 Fort Mohave. We just started our chapter (divided from another chapter) in January and we are up to 29 members so far.
  • waterlibby
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    Hi, I am in Carrollton, Virginia. I attend meetings in Portsmouth. I rejoined TOPS and MFP March 17, 2014. With the support from both groups I have lost 18 pounds in just over a month. I love my TOPS group!
  • NikkiHann17
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    I'm from Bedford, Pennsylvania.
  • bonnie485
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    I live in Beaufort, SC...I go to my weekly TOPS meeting on Thursdays. Group is very small, 3-5 women...I have been going for a year and half and haven't really lost anything...but....I have not gained either...simply turtled along slowly...Now I am really trying to lose because my doctor has scared the hell out of me but at 68 it is hard to do...my number one goal for the next couple of weeks is to journal my food into my fitness pal....journaling is so important..yet it is the last thing I want to do so I really have to challenge myself to do this.
  • tryingvegan
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    I live in Buda, TX and I'm the assistant weight recorder this year. I've held every position except co-leader and leader, so that's what is next!

    I'm a KOP now. What really helped me was eating a Plant Based Diet. After watching the movie Forks over Knives, I gave up meat, fish, diary, and processed food. In the last Tops Magazine, a lady from MN did the same thing and lost her weight!.

    Hope all of you reach your goal soon! Lighter!
  • iggyboo93
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    Corvallis, Oregon here. Been a TOPS member for 10 years. Lost a lot of weight (sadly gained it back) and was able to prevent from gaining more weight over a few stressful periods. Currently on the way down on the scale. :)
  • tops2kopsville
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  • stangma
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    Akron Oh OH300 in Cuyahoga Falls!