Working out and keto help!

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I'm on day 5 and feeling much better (yesterday was not good) although I did end up going to gym last night and doing my regular cardio routine and felt like I had no energy and probably did half of what I usually do (stairmaster). Anyway I also do a weight lifting class twice a week for an hour, full body, and start tomorrow. Am I just going to burn out? Is this because it's the first week or what do I need to do? Thanks!


  • iris8pie
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    I am also new to Keto, but i had a big burst of energy in my first week, and was wanting to work out a lot. I would say listen to your body, and lay low if youre not feeling any energy, and hopefully next week you'll be feeling better :)
  • AllanMisner
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    Most likely, you'll be able to go through the workout with the existing glycogen stores in your muscle. Weight lifting is very different from cardio in that respect.

    If you find you are bonking, as a go forward plan, try taking some organic coconut oil or MTC oil about an hour before you go to workout. Ben Greenfield has done some interesting work on fueling workouts while on Keto. His has been focused mostly on endurance sports, but much of it is applicable to all athletic endeavors.
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    I second the coconut oil and MCT ! I have also read to up your sodium!
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    Definitely keep an eye on your micronutrients. Take a multivitamin if you have to, make sure you get enough electrolytes for muscle function (sodium, magnesium, potassium).