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Hello! After a bit of advice, I'll be asking my doctor too as soon as I can get an appointment.

I've had crepitus in both knees for as long as I can remember now but it seems to be getting worse. I try and run 3 miles about 3 times per week and I've got 2 huskies attached to me (added strain lol). We'll run through woodland, across grass and along some pavements, although I do try and keep off the tarmac as much as possible. I run in 60/40 trail/track shoes that I got from a good running shop, a proper running belt and bungee leads.

Should I be taking some joint supplements? Would a knee brace help? I'm hoping I don't have to stop as, surprisingly, I really enjoy it and my pups love running!! But I have started to notice a slight pain right behind my knee caps.

Laura :-))