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I thought it would be a good idea to have a winter challenge. I tend to get lazy in the winter and I don't exercise as much as I do in the spring and summer months. If you'd like to join this challenge because you're the same way or you could just use some support and motivation, join in and get fit by spring! :drinker:

I've created a google chart so we can keep track of our weight progress for the challenge.


Add your name to the chart and put your starting weight. Each week come back on Tuesdays to weigh in. We'll have two phases. One for the month of February and one for the month of March. Feel free to add new discussions and challenge other members.


  • Added! I don't know if I did it right :D
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    I want to participate in the challenge as well, I copied and pasted the link into my browser and added my current weight of 180, goal weight for the first phase of 170 (not sure if I did it correctly).

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    I am excited to start this challenge. I was looking for a group like this...Thank you for creating it.
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    I added myself. I am on a 6 month Challenge that started two weeks ago. I look forward to the added support from this group.

    Hi There Everyone!
  • I just added myself to the doc. I am excited to join this group.
  • I am not sure if I put my goal weight in correctly. Is the goal weight just supposed to be just for the first phase or what we want to be at by the end of the fit by spring challange?
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    Your goal should be for just the first phase that ends the last week of February. We'll add another goal for the month of March.

    I'm so glad to have some support in this challenge. :happy: Let's try to check in daily (if you can) to see how we're all doing.

    Welcome all :flowerforyou:
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    Hi! Thank you for starting this post to help us be motivated. It's REALLY hard for me not to snack and watch TV after a stressful day at work; so knowing you guys are out there being a motivation will help me stay focused! We can do this!!!
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    hi sasbw! You have always helped motivate me. Thank you for all you do!
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    Hi Everyone :)

    I joined too, thanks sasbw27 for the invite. I am currently trying hard to get fit and healthy for a Summer holiday (and significant birthday!) and welcome the extra support, motivation and accountability :D Here's to us all meeting our goal for the first phase :happy:
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    Yes we can moparjer! Maybe you can start with just picking healthy snacks like light popcorn or something. I love the skinnycow ice cream bars. I usually have one of those or popcorn. I don't have any right now though.

    Hi Eava, glad you joined :drinker: Our board was sooo quiet I couldn't take it. Nice to have some new excitement and motivation, it really helps!

    Hi DLD53, Glad you joined :drinker:
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    I just added myself to the spreadsheet.
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    Hi, so far I'm doing good. Eating healthy and will start working out next week...I just joined a spinning class! I am so excited!!! I was lost for a while, but now I can see myself back to health!!!:smile:
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    My first challenge. So what do I do? lol

    CW 199
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    Okie dokie I added it! Excited :)
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    I love spinning Meikan, I hope you like it too! I would like it even more if the class wasn't at 5:45am :laugh:

    Great Cindy, we have quite a few on our weigh in chart :drinker: I changed in earlier so our weight loss % will be calculated weekly.
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    Hi! We've started a Biggest Loser contest at work, for 12 weeks. Our prize is $100 gift card to Big Lots. I think this will help us keep motivated to eat better! Thanks for starting this challenge... Now I gotta figure out how to record our weekly weigh-in..:happy:
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    Okay I added myself in too.
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    sasbw, the chart looks great. I post on the other thread too (I just have a hard time letting go...I tried to stay with it but it got lonely):smile: I do know my weight shot back up once I stopped logging on regularly.

    I had a 1 lb. loss this week...considering Super Bowl Day was a day full of eating..I am happy with the loss.

    I look forward to facing this new journey with all of you...We Can Do It!:drinker:
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    Newby here from sunny South Africa!