Weigh in 1/29/2014

rorymason Posts: 167 Member
Anyone else out there ? Lost 1 pound this week


  • Hi Group, Lost one pound this week. I hope everyone is ok with the weather. Have a wonderful week.
  • Elyssa_38
    Elyssa_38 Posts: 36 Member
    3lbs for this week yay.down to 211.5 :)
  • 19TaraLynn84
    19TaraLynn84 Posts: 739 Member
    I forgot to weigh when I woke up, so I'll record mine tomorrow.
  • Melij
    Melij Posts: 95 Member
    woo hoo another 1.5 pounds gone!
  • Slippyslope
    Slippyslope Posts: 47 Member
    I lost 2.6 pounds this week.

    Way to go everyone that is continuing to weigh in!

    Congrats to the previous losers that posted.......good luck to those yet to post. :smile:
  • lboon190
    lboon190 Posts: 14 Member
    Lost 1.4 lbs, I'll take it!
  • telc87
    telc87 Posts: 7 Member
    Lost another pound this week. Still didn't track over the weekend and definitely spent a couple of meals "eating my feelings". I will do better this weekend!
  • walknsunshine
    walknsunshine Posts: 6 Member
    WOW! Everyone is doing so well. This is sooo great!

    Down 1.4 lbs this week :happy:
  • Stephessor
    Stephessor Posts: 47 Member
    CONGRATS to everyone! I did not lose any weight but, thankfully, I did not gain either. I can see a definite change in my shape and the way my clothes fit, so I'll take it! I also kicked it up a notch this week and worked out, cardio and weights. I feel great, inside and out.

    Let's keep it up, team!
  • aprilh47
    aprilh47 Posts: 250 Member
    2more for me this week. 14 in total so got my first stone.
    actually had to get weighed on Monday had to work today.
    Aiming for another 2. Would like the scales to say 16 something not 17 something.
  • 19TaraLynn84
    19TaraLynn84 Posts: 739 Member
    I'm reporting late, even though I didn't really want to report at all. I gained a pound. I'm hoping it's only because Aunt Flo is here. ????
  • Didn't have a chance to get on here on Wednesday, but on Wednesday I was 169.8. So happy that I am out of the 170's