One on one online consulting project

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EDIT: Entries are now closed. I am in the process of sending out invites for people who replied to the below but I am no longer accepting new entries.

Greetings ETP members,

I'll be accepting new members for a free online consulting program that I've run in the past.

The basics are as follows: You will meet with me once per week on Skype to discuss your training and nutritional program and what we can modify to bring you closer to your goals. You will also have my attention/time as it pertains to any questions you may have.

This does not cost you money. It does cost you effort and commitment.

You will also be part of a private group consisting of past and current clients to help you by providing you with an additional support network.

If this interests you, please reply here.

If your username is longer than the preview pane allows, please reply with your full username to indicate interest. Otherwise just reply with "interested".

(For example, if your name is Megabadonkadonkalous, but the preview pane in the forums truncates it to Megabadonka, I would like you to reply with your full username if you are interested. I'd explain why, but just do it please).

If you are not interested, do not reply.

Those who are interested will be invited to a private group sometime in February where you will see full details and an application to join. I will choose from the applicants.

This program will begin sometime in late Feb/early March and will last approximately 12 weeks.

Thank you.