Bulletproof coffee blender?

butterfli7o Posts: 1,319 Member
Hi all, I'm dying to try this tomorrow. For those who drink BPC, have you have any luck with a hand-held immersion blender? I don't want it going everywhere tomorrow morning...but don't want to run out and buy an Aero Latte if I don't have to....


  • Amytrue1
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    I use an aerolatte, but I bet an immersion blender would be fine if you use a tall narrow cup or mug: blend butter, coconut oil, etc. with only about 1/3 of the hot coffee (so it doesn't splash everywhere), then add remaining coffee and stir with a spoon. Love my BPC every morning!
  • FIT_Goat
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    I have an immersion blender and an aero-latte. I initially started with the immersion blender. To be honest, it gives better results than the aero-latte. I only use the aero-latte because it's slightly (only very slightly) easier to clean.

    So, it's not just "ok," it may even be better.

    I just use the cup that the blender came with, although any tall glass should be fine. If I am making a lot of coffee, I may start with half of it, get it blended, and then pour the rest in while blending to reduce splashes.
  • Loulady
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    I use an immersion blender, too.

    I just got a new one (my old blender was crappy plastic that warped in the soup pot), and it has just enough more power to really make a mess if I over-fill my coffee mug.
    I now only fill my cup up about 2/3 full before blending, and then just top it off with coffee. It works great.
  • butterfli7o
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    Thank you. I've been reading about it forever and can't wait to try tomorrow morning.
  • kiramaniac
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    Aerolatte. I actually own 3. One for work, one for home, one for travel. Just rinse it under running water after use.
  • camtosh
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    I have been using a blender, but just on a whim searched Amazon.co.jp for an aerolatte (I live in Japan). The real ones cost 12,000 yen (about 120 dollars, what a markup!!) but there was an Ikea smaller one for sale for 300 yen ($3) so I ordered two of those. At that price, it doesn't seem likely to last very long?

    I also noticed that Amazon jp was selling Da Vinci and Torani syrups -- but not one of them was low calorie. :( Are they available in sugarfree versions? sure looked yummy for flavoring coffee.
  • FIT_Goat
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    Yeah, the Torani syrups are available sugar-free. They are awesome. I use them all the time in my coffee or when making flavored whip-cream.

    I hope you're able to find them in your area.
  • GabyBaby916
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    I just bought two of the Ikea milk frothers (approx $7.50 ea) from Amazon.
    Guaranteed delivery tomorrow! I can't wait to try it out.
    I love my BPC, but it'll be nice to not have as much of an oil slick on top of my coffee anymore.