Weird Question

I have a weird question. I woke up this morning with my sugar spiked at 230. I've been sick and am battling a nasty chest cold, so I'm not too surprised, to be honest. Anyway, took my insulin shot, ate a very light breakfast, and just re-tested. I'm now down to a 153. Much better, but now I feel like I got ran over by a bus. Twice. Is it normal to feel so nasty when my sugar has dropped so much like that? It's been about an hour and a half since my shot. I feel like laying down and sleeping- just very tired and blaaaahhhh.


  • scubasuenc
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    It all depends on what your 'normal' sugar range is. It is not uncommon to feel symptoms of hypoglycemia when your sugar goes below your normal range but is well above a hypoglycemic range.

    Might be your cold making you tired. I too am battling a cold and although my sugar numbers are within my normal range, I would love to lay down and sleep.
  • CRody44
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    You probably feel nasty because of the excess sugar you had yesterday. How many grams of carbs did you take? What type of carbs did you eat?
  • GlucernaBrand
    I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well. The coombination of battling a cold and your blood sugar dropping quickly can make you feel tired. If you don't feel better, give your doctor a call. ~Lynn /Glucerna