Anyone counting carbs?

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I have to admit, one reason I originally thought Paleo sounded like a great idea is because I'm so sick of counting (or trying to count) calories. So I did a Whole 30, then moved on to Paleo which is perfect for me. I am actively trying to lose body fat though, so to keep myself in line I'm counting carbs. Not going too crazy with it, just tracking them so I know where I stand. Anyone else not really counting calories and keeping an eye on total carbs? Or anyone not tracking anything, just eating Paleo?

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    Yes! That is the only reason I'm using MFP, is to keep track of total carbs, not the calories (but it's neat to see that I naturally end up in a fairly low calorie range because I'm so satiated!) My goal is around 50g (or less if I can) of carbs a day, as I have a lot of fat to lose.
  • butterfli7o
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    Glad I'm not the only one! Is keeping track of your carb intake working for you weight-loss-wise?
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    I don't count usually, but if I go off plan I like to know where I'm at. I prefer not to because I pretty much have carb counts etched in my brain from years of being on Atkins, so as long as I'm eating right I shouldn't have to.
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    I track because I am perpetually over weight for the military and I need to have that documentation if I fail a fitness test i can prove i eat right. Not their version of right, but my calories are in "weight loss' level. I don't "count" anything, I just track after the fact and where I end up is where I end up. I tend to naturally eat in a deficit anyway so no bigge there.

    That said. I lost the majority of my weight with paleo eating a healthy amount of carbs. Generally 100-130 grams a day. I find for me going below 75 grams a day does nothing spectacluar for my weight loss and just makes it so I'm not satisfied with my meals. Can going under 50 help, probably short term, but in the long run it isn't any better or worse than any other way. I lost 46 pounds in six months eating a moderate carb intake.

    If you want to go low carb do it, but don't feel like it is the only way to successfully lose weight while eating paleo.
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    Thank you! I lost five pounds during my Whole 30 not tracking anything, and eating at least a serving or two of fruit a day. I was very pleasantly suprised about this, as I didn't weigh myself until the end. So I won't obsess over the carbs too much.
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    I am still using MFP to track calories along with my macros.
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    Yup. I'm ketogenic Paleo. My carb count makes or breaks everything for me. Well, I do know how to eat without counting but I tend to "carb creep". lol
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    I still count them, having come from Atkins, but I do not freak out if I go over 50 a day as long as my fat and protein are way up I feel happy.
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    1. Any weight I have lost was due to counting carbs, not calories. (Given you need more protein than fat - roughly 1g per lb)
    2. I love paleo and think a caveman who is moderately low carb is the best way to go.
    3. I track activity (Fitbit) and macros. The more faithful I am tracking the more conscience I am of it...the faster I lose. I cheat or take off days a few times a month.
  • Yup. I'm ketogenic Paleo. My carb count makes or breaks everything for me. Well, I do know how to eat without counting but I tend to "carb creep". lol

    Me too^^^^
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    Staying away from carbs is the only way I can lose weight. Carbs obtained from fruits and veggies are unavoidable. I have my macros for carbs being 10% of my caloric intake.
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    I'm counting carbs but only to cut weight while keeping all this muscule I've worked so hard for! I'm doing paleo keto but look forward to not counting calories or carbs when I'm done cutting.