Hi All!

I have an appointment with the Endo on Monday and plan on asking this, but am curious tonight . . . my insulin injection spots have recently been raising up and look like little bug bites and they itch like CRAZY! I can tell exactly where I've injected because there are these red "splotches" all over. Should I be concerned? Is this normal? what can I do for the horrific itching?



  • Luizam25
    Luizam25 Posts: 87 Member
    The reaction is a sign that something is wrong. Go and check with the dr. for a change.
  • rheannaraye
    rheannaraye Posts: 62 Member
    Thanks! I'm getting in on Monday first thing, so I'll be sure to bring it up. It figures- it's been working to help me start to get things on track a bit sugar wise, and now something's gotta throw a wrench in there. Oye!