Intermittent Fasting with 801010

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Hi Everyone,

I have been doing HCV/HCRV for a couple of months and was only gaining weight (water most likely). This week I have thrown in one 24 hour fast (basically one day I only ate dinner). My experience is that I feel less hungry and am about to do another 24 hour fast. I am thinking of adding the "Eat Stop Eat" lifestyle as a combination to HCRV.

Does anyone have experience with intermittent fasting to bust through a weight loss plateau?

Any advice would be highly appreciated!



  • perrinjoshua
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    The plan I follow is not intermittent fasting per se but the 5:2 WOE whereby twice a week I choose to eat only 500 calories and then eat normally the other days. I follow more of a 6:1 approach now that I am at maintenance. I am just, just, just starting this week to try and institute an 80/10/10 lifestyle. I am vegan so that part is easy and I've done a lot of reading and research on the subject and think I'm ready to make the move. I don't expect to be totally raw right now, if ever, but I'm open to an "almost raw" lifestyle anyway. I'm looking forward to seeing where this road takes me. In the past 10 months the 5:2 has been very good to me and I suspect this add-on to my lifestyle will be as well. Good luck with your goals.
  • greenstar888
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    Thanks! So I tried the 5:2 but was not able to do it the second week. I just kept moving the day back. I am giving the ADF a try and so far good. I always know I can either eat whatever I want tomorrow so "It's just for today" if I am fasting and to be prepared to fast tomorrow. Let's see if I can stick it out. I am having lentils every day though as I feel better with more protein in my system. Good luck with the 801010. Once I reach my GW, I will shoot for that again.