Week 5, day 3...

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I did day 1 on Monday, no problem. I did day 2 on Wednesday, no problem (though it was my slowest run yet). Day 3 today? Totally failed.

I slowed down to 5.4mph. I feel like any slower and I'd be walking.

I ran ten minutes, walked three, ran seven minutes, walked two, ran three minutes. So in the thirty minutes, I did manage to run for twenty minutes...just not all in one go.

I'm not sure where to go from here. Should I repeat week 5 from day one? Should I just keep trying day 3 until I get it? Is there a week 5, day 2.5?! I feel like there was a huge jump from day 2 to day 3 and without having a structure to keep building up to day three (but more than day 2) I'm going to punish and hate myself if I keep failing.

After struggling on week 3, I sailed through week 4 and most of week 5. It's really disheartening I could only run for ten minutes today before I had to stop :(

Did anyone else struggle from day 2 to day 3? I felt so positive on my way to the gym as well, like I could run a marathon :/


  • trainerwannabe
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    There is no failure! You're doing it!! You just need to give your body some time to build up the strength/stamina it needs in order to get through Week 5. Each run is a practice for the next run.

    I also found Week 5 the hardest week of all the weeks. I repeated Week 5 twice (the whole week) and then was able to reach Week 7 without too much struggle.

    Try not to push too hard - it only leads to injury. I promise you'll get there!!
  • PaytraB
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    Never quit. Try again. And slow down. I know that sounds hard to do but that is the trick. You may not be ready for the speed that you are trying to run yet. Speed will come in time. Slow down and test yourself once in awhile by speaking a short sentence or two out loud. If you're having trouble speaking, you're going too fast.
    You can do this. Week 5 is hard. It's a mental struggle, as well as a pacing test. You are ready for this.
  • luciafernanda
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    I'm not going to quit! I'm just not sure where to go from here.

    It seems like such a big jump from day 2 to day 3, I think I need some kind of in-between because day 2 was fine. Were you able to do it after repeating the second time? I'm thinking a better idea would be to try running two ten minute blocks, but that's not in the program, and if other people just repeated week 5 and were able to do it, maybe that's the better idea. (eta: I just saw two ten minute blocks is actually week 6, day 2. So okay...I'll repeat week 5 from the beginning I think)

    What speed do you run at? I did the first four weeks at 6mph which was probably too fast, though I thought it was slow. Week 5 I finally slowed down to 5.5, and today 5.4.

    Also what speed do you walk at? Is it better to walk slow or fast?

    Thanks for the motivation and kind words :)

    And I'm still proud of myself :D In January I could barely run 90 seconds without wanting to die (though...my first couple of weeks I thought it was a good idea to run at 7mph haha), today I ran 10 minutes which is still longer than I'd run in years!
  • MeanderingMammal
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    Personally I'd suggest redoing the whole week. The 20min run is physically achievable based on what you've already done, but it is a bigger psychological challenge than any previous step.

    Running is reaching that stage for you where its as much a mental game as a physical one.

    Fwiw I took a total of twelve weeks to reach the end of the programme.

    As far as speed is concerned, you are going quite fast. Many people reach the end of the programme not quite hitting 5Km in 30 minutes. The main thing is to keep going for the duration. Speed will come.
  • AlbionOakley
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    ive just done w5d1 on a treadmill. looks like I will be doing day 3 on the road on wednesday. Nervous about it but im just gonna make sure ive got some good tunes on and see how i go.
  • kshadows
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    I agree with redoing the week from day 1. It will help prime you for it. It IS a big jump but it's totally doable :) Stick with it and go as slow as you need to, in order to finish (EVEN if that means you're running slower than you'd be walking!)
  • AlbionOakley
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    I did it!
  • luciafernanda
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    I did it!
    Well done!!

    Me too!!

    I took your guys' advice on monday and did day 1 again. Today I meant to do day 2 but I just felt really good after minute 13 I just kept going! It didn't get hard until minute 19...I can't believe it! I think this is the most ive run since school...if you cant tell I'm pretty proud of myself ????
  • likitisplit
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    Congratulations on passing that major milestone!!!!

    ETA - any time running gets hard in the future...when you are 10 mile in to an 11 mile run...reflect back on to what you learned during this run. It is a critical lesson that is applicable to any future running roadblock.
  • PaytraB
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    Congratulations! You're really on your way now. You've passed the mental hurdle. Well done!