Starting Strong curves after NROL for Women ????

hamheather Posts: 10 Member
I have been following the NROL for women for the last year and I am ready to dive into SC. I have progressivly worked my weight up on all lifts. I am currently squatting 170-180# , dead lifting 180# and bench press around 70-80#. I am planning on skipping the first part of SC and going to week 5-8 in the beginner section. I am hesitant to start with just body weight since I have worked hard to progress in my strength. I was curious if anyone has skipped the first 4 weeks that was lifting prior and if it had an impact on your results. I am very excited to have found such a great program I am just trying to find the best place to start. Thanks for any feed back.


  • __freckles__
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    Have you thought about going straight to the advanced program? I don't lift nearly as much as you and after trying the beginner program for a week I switched over to the advanced and am enjoying it much better.
  • GiGiBeans
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    Why are you thinking of doing the beginner program instead of the advanced? If it's because you are new to hip thrusts and bridges, just do those with the bar a few times to get the form right and to make sure you are activating your glutes. If it's jusdt because you can't do say pull ups do negatives or assisted ones.

    And nice to meet ya! I'm doing the lower body program and my own upper.
  • hamheather
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    Thanks ladies! Yes, GiGiBeans I am nut currently doing the hip thrust or bridges so I could just incorporate those into the advanced work out that sounds good. I can do chin ups unassisted but I need assistance with pull ups or I do negative pull ups. Have you seen much progress on the program so far?
  • dandelion39
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    Hi hamheather,
    I did NROLW and StrongLifts before starting SC and I went straight to the advanced program (even though I can't do an unassisted chin-up to save my life...). I, too, thought going back to a bodyweight-only program wouldn't be challenging enough. That said, some of the bodyweight exercises in the Advanced program are pretty tough. Good luck--I hope you like the program! I've been seeing good results so far--a lot more visible than with StrongLifts.