Lab Frustrations.... (Rant ahead)

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Ok, let me start by saying, I am NOT the most faithful suppliment taker. I am trying. Regardless -- here's the thing.

I have the best PCP - I seriously adore him. He has been amazing, and I trust him with my and my son's life. But, I feel like sometimes it's like pulling teeth to get labs drawn when I feel like my levels are off. My original WLS program is four hours away (I moved home 3 years ago), and I have been followed annually by the local program (an hour away).

I know that my B12 is low again. I have the same symptoms as I did last fall when I needed an injection (I also know I have not been taking the sublinguals like I should making it even more probable that the levels are low again), and I called March 3rd to request my PCP order the labs. After a major fiasco at their lab with missing orders and me waiting 25 minutes for one blood draw on my 30 minute break, I went to the local hospital on March 21st. I waited ten days (after calling 3x) to get the results. Today I was told that my Iron Saturation is 11% vs the 20% is should be and that's why I feel so crappy.

Now, I get it. I probably do feel crappy from THAT low level. They apparently never drew the B12 because there was nothing in the results. I was told to get 325mg Ferrous Gluconate and take it twice a day. Yes, I sure will. BUT, that does NOT mean that my B12 is not low as well.

Holy cow. I called the WLS program I have been seeing and asked them to order the B12 level and I will just have hem send me the order in the mail. Good grief. After living in this body for 36 years -- living with RNY for nearly 5 -- I have a pretty good handle on what's happening in there.

Okay, rant over.


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    You're right!! No one knows your body better than you. What's up with not ordering the labs you want?!? While we are patients are we not customers too? If I'm willing to pay someone to do something I expect to receive what I asked for, escpecially from my doctor.