Keeping a small waist while strength training? (Obliques?)

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hey there!

so im wondering how i can keep my small waist when i start with strength training again. i just do bodyweight exercises. last time i got into it i noticed that my waist got a bit wider from the muscle build up, which i didnt appreciate so im wondering what precautions i can take to not have this happen again.

some articles say training your obliques will get you a small waist while others say that its large obliques that will make you look wide, so which one is it?

appreciate any and all comments! :)


  • Fujiberry
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    Your 'larger waist' is likely from bloating/water retention.
    Unless you're on a bulk at 2,000+ calories, strength training will not make your waist larger.
    Or unless you already have a lot of muscle there from years and years of heavy strength training.
  • Cheeky_and_Geeky
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    Keep focusing on body weight workouts & don't add weights when you're working on your abs & obliques. I've never experienced my waist getting larger from strength training, but that would be my recommendation. Also, try Pilates. Great workout to staying lean.
  • stephv38
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    So, Im not sure the best answer to your question, but I have noticed the same thing. My obliques are strong and visible... however on me they look like "hard love handles"! Not the result I was looking for. Ive seen it mentioned before on body building websites but dont have a good answer. I think genetic predispositions may contribute. Also, I dont know if you have had kids, but my transverse abs are torn (diastasis recti) from multiple pregnancies. I think this is a fairly permanent condition and I think my obliques compensate for this weakness? Getting a little bigger? Not sure! I dont train my obliques at all, but do some compounds like squats and deadlifts...