What workouts/exercise programs are you doing?

missjones513 Posts: 345 Member
Right now I'm doing Turbo Fire. I'm on week 6 and it's a 12-week program.

Afterwards I plan on doing Jillian Michaels' Body Revolution. I had started a Couch to 5K program but stopped on the second week. I want to actually finish that at some point this year.

What workouts/exercise programs are you ladies doing?


  • HA!
    I started the C25K app also, and stopped after the 3rd week. smh.
    AND, I actually HAVE a 5K to do this Saturday for the firs time ever. So we'll see.
    I do want to finish that training as well this summer.

    Right now, I'm doing Zumba 2-3 times a week. I'm still going to my cultural African dance class every Saturday.
    I've been doing either jumping rope, dancing on my own, bike or elliptical for the other days of the week to get cardio in for 30+minutes.

    :flowerforyou: My daily exercise challenges at work for this week are:
    20 'shoulder presses' each hour
    20 'lateral arm raises' each hour
    20 'seated calf raises' each hour
    20 'knee raises' for every trip to bathroom
    **I did like 120 of each arm and leg exercise yesterday! So it really adds up! And I can feel the burn a bit today.

    I'm going for a walk at lunch and at home while the weather is nice (they're calling for rain).

    Uh... I'll do yoga and arm strength training tomorrow!
    I try to have A LOT of options so I don't get bored or start to feel like it's too much of a 'routine'..! :bigsmile:
  • MzNurse6870
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    I am doing varies of exercise:
    Dance on my own, zumba class , line dance class , and african class.
    DVD's hip hop abs, rocking body
    Wii Zumba fittnes, boxing, Michael Jackson and etc
    Walking indoor/outdoor, stairs climb
    Hula Hoop, jump rope
    soon to try Aqua Zumba, roller skating
  • dym123
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    Right now I'm doing a mix of cardio and weigt training. TF a couple of times a week. Speed workout from T25 couple times a week, great warm up before weights, some HIIT and Kettlebell and of course Sunday yoga.
  • missjones513
    missjones513 Posts: 345 Member
    I forgot to mention that I'm replacing the resistance band workouts on TF with Jillian Michaels' Shred-it With Weights. I don't like resistance bands.
  • PamHealthMission
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    On February 27th, I started a strength training program called Wendler 5/3/1 and include assistance exercises (chin-ups/pull-ups, dips, good morning, bicycle, rows, lunges, and leg curls).

    I elected to do Wendler 5/3/1 three days per week which revolves around four main lifts (squat, bench press, deadlift, overhead press) done on separate days. On none lifting days I do some form of cardio.

    Link for more info on Wendler 5/3/1:

  • Adc7225
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    Currently I go to the gym each morning and do either Interval Running and the Stationary Bike or the Ellipitical and Stationary Bike, 5 days a week I do some sort of Strength Training (usually at home). I also walk a great deal, usually a 3 mile walk at lunch time during the week, I try and walk to or from work 2 times a week and I try and get in a decent walk at least one day during the weekends.

    I envy those of you that have the discipline to workout with home videos, I just don't have the concentration to commit :smile:
  • buzzardsrule
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    30 Day Shred Level 3, C25K 3 times a week, kettlebell workout twice a week and walking
  • Jlmervin03
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    I take multiple classes at the YMCA, and I also am getting into strength training. I just bought Jillian Michaels No Trouble Zones and I'm gonna start that in the next day or so. I just need to get some light weights.
  • culo97
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    I envy those of you that have the discipline to workout with home videos, I just don't have the concentration to commit :smile:
    This is why I love the rewind button. When I get distracted during the routine, I usually rewind back to where I left off. Since do my T25 videos in the morning before work, I don't have all day to get through the session, so it forces me to focus. If I was in a public exercise class, I'd probably just sneak out the back if I missed too many steps.

    With T25 my main goals are
    - to do all of the Alpha and Beta routines without stopping
    - then to do them all without following the modifier. That's the person who changes the exercises to be "easier" with less jumping

    I try to work in walking and biking wherever I can. I sometimes take the long way to do stuff to get extra steps in. I also use a FitBit, MapMyWalk and MapMyRide iPhone apps to track burned calories.

    To make sure my gym membership doesn't go to waste, I try to go at least once a week. Definitely easier to do when I wasn't doing T25. Even though I may try other DVD programs in the future, like Hip Hop Abs or P90X3, I probably won't follow the schedule so strictly. Then I can mix in other stuff without feeling like I'm killing myself. The most important thing to me is to get regular exercise.
  • Parthus02
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    Right now I take a modern dance class twice a week. Billy Blanks Bootcamp three times a week, (alternating days around the modern dance class during the week) with a 30 minute jog/brisk walk beforehand. On the weekend I Zumba.

    After I'm done with one rotation of all the Billy Blanks workouts, I'll be replacing it with Insanity workouts. Also, I may eventually go on a structured C25K program. I have it--just waiting to start it
  • debsfran
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    I currently go to Zumba 3 times a week and try to do at least 2 x 1 hr sessions at the gym.
    I have heard of the following Workout vids: Billy Blanks Bootcamp, Jillian Micheals 30 day shred & No more trouble zones, P90X - Extreme Home Fitness, Shaun T's Hip Hop abs, Tae Bo Cardio, And Kettlebells workout not to mention the equipment I am hoarding (stepper, push bike, skipping rope, weighted hula hoop, slendertone abs machine etc - hubby says I could start my own gym)

    I have not tried any, I think I have to much and do nothing with it all. Need to find the right one and commit to it. Any recommendations as to which will work the whole body, are for all levels and are fun.
  • debsfran
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    I envy those of you that have the discipline to workout with home videos, I just don't have the concentration to commit :smile:

    I am the same, I prefer the class environment. I have joined PureGym which open by me about a month ago, they promised gym 24/7 and classes all day long. That has not been the case though, they have started having Virtual classes from 2-6pm and my thought it, if I am paying for a gym/classes I don't want to be working out to a dvd!
  • Rocs_Fitness_Journey
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    I Try to get this workout in 3X per week. Its a Great Full Body routine that can be done anywhere.
  • firstladywilson79
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    Right now I'm doing 30 minutes on the elliptical and strength training via Brazil butt lift: sculpt and high and tight. It's kicking my butt right now. LOL
  • PamHealthMission
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    Update: Pam’s Max Lift Circuit Routine.....

    This routine designed by me along with son's suggestions (he and my DIL lift weights). The focus is weight loss, leaner muscle mass, strength, endurance, and the ability to perform fully three “unassisted” chin-ups. It will revolve around 3 days of total body lifting exercises, 2 days of cardio (some Hill Sprints), and 3 days of unassisted chin-ups (performed at the best of my ability). I will re-evaluate the exercise and dumbbell sizes at the end of 30 days.
  • You ladies are inspiring. I feel so bla. I've just been going for walks in my park. I'll try some of these dvds I think.
  • missjones513
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    I'm starting my 30 Day Shed/TurboFire prep schedule hybrid today. I plan on doing 30DS 3 or 4 times a week and then a TF workout once or twice a week.

    I'm sort of modifying the prep schedule by replacing the sculpt, tone and core workouts with 30DS.
  • MrsTaylor1922
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    Im working on the Hip Hop Abs (currently on day 10); gym time, and decided today to do a squat and ab challenges.
  • I was the same way I have Insanity and Turbofire and stopped after a week on both and gym is just not an option with a 2 year old and full time job so I just decided to do it and have pushed play almost everyday on my current program thank goodness:-)
  • I'm doing T25 currently and then will do Insanity and Turbofire because I dropped out of those two and want to graduate from them lol