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    I'm starting a Whole 30 tomorrow, May 8. I eat "mostly" paleo- my exceptions are dark chocolate and (GASP) even milk chocolate occasionally. I have been going nuts over chocolate lately, so I feel I must say goodbye to it for awhile- for both my health and for my "wallet". I also am so addicted to chocolate that I regularly make chocolate avocado pudding (4 ingredients- cocoa powder, honey, coconut oil, and avocado) and chocolate dip (honey, coconut concentrate, and cocoa powder) and I dip a banana in that for dessert sometimes. OMG. Those things are amazing but I need to focus and use willpower for 30 days so I can have some amount of control over my chocolate addiction!!! K. That is why I'm doing the Whole 30. I know my lack of willpower for chocolate desserts is the reason why I've stopped losing weight. I'm in this with you guys now!
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    Shuki I counted how many time you said chocolate or cocoa in that post, it was 342 times lol, please feel free to join us. I have the same issues with chocolate and so do many of us so we can hold each others hands through this month.
  • shuki_cotren
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    Yeah, I realized after I made that post that I probably should have used less words to explain why I am doing the whole 30. Sorry guys. Whole 30 is tough- I don't want to make it tougher! However, we can do this!

    I know I can get back to the point where I won't even bat an eyelash when temptations are around me. It's because after eating "clean" for at least 30 days, you feel healthy, strong, and eventually even "in control". I am looking forward to it!
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    Weekly chime in here; I have not had any issues so far with this but not logging and not weighing is driving me crazy but I suppose it will work out in the end.

    The one thing I did not consider until a few days in to this was to check my supplements, which I do not take many but I found a few of them had rice flour in them so I dropped them early in the week and am looking for better ones that I can use until the W30 is over.

    Many of you know I got a cold in the middle of the week also but it really didn't have any harsh effect on me, my whole household is not even close to primal/paleo and those who got the same cold were much sicker that I was and I even did a 24 hour fast (I have been doing this 3 weeks now) from Friday morning until this morning which pretty much wiped the rest of the cold out.
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    I am doing a weekly check in just so people realize I am still at this thing. I am still doing okay but miss my chocolate fix. Nuff said about that...

    I have been upping my overall intake of foods for about two weeks now with no adverse effects to my weight (I have one thing I can measure and that is my belt). It seems I am about to drop another size. The theory to this is "if" you are doing things right in the kitchen by making the right foods with the right nutrient dense products (fresh veggies, real quality meats and organ meats) your body will use what it needs and not turn any excess into fat. I am not sure this is 100% correct and since I am not logging my foods right now it is an experiment that will be going on after I get off of the reset. I, at that point will be trying to eat a maintenance level of calories and see if the weight still drops. I heard this on "the Fat Burning Man" Podcast and it makes enough sense to try it. My waning stamina seems to be turning around, and the fasting on Fridays (although a pain) seems to leave me with lots of energy on the weekends for a change.

    I also had another check up with my Doctor for my Hypothyroid and they weighed me but I will not share. I will be interested in the results which should be available to me the first part of the week. My blood pressure is still lowering and after a year ago that is good. My doctor also had just enough sense not to ask me about cholesterol lowering drugs, it would have ended it for him and me if he had.

    Enough about me how are the rest of you folks doing?
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    That's very exciting to hear ClutchBone,other than missing a bit of chocolate it sounds like things are going really well.
    I am finishing up day 6 of being back where I needed to be.
    Still very tired and a bit cranky but so much better than when I am on a sugar roller coaster and I know this will pass.
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    Checking in. I had an unplanned cheat weekend Mother's Day weekend, entirely due to lack of planning. I still didn't eat any gluten that weekend (always gf), but I did have sugar and rice/corn products. I got back on the wagon that Monday and have been trucking along fine. I don't think I have lost any weight (based on my pants fitting the same), but I have been rather stuck on a plateau for some time and I know the only way off is to increase my activity. I am a slow learner when it comes to exercise. I keep thinking I'll find one I like, but I think I need to come to the conclusion that I may not enjoy it but I have to do it anyway like a big girl.

    Since we aren't logging, what's been on the menu for you guys? I've been eating lots of roasted cauliflower, carrots, and mushrooms. Raw tomatoes with sea salt. Tons of chicken and the odd flank steak. I've been on a massive carrot "souffle" kick (recipe for any that want it), usually served with loads of fresh blueberries. Tonight I am making pecan crusted chicken thighs (with a honey mustard/curry sauce for the rest of the family, because I am nice like that) and cauli mash. I really need something crunchy and I'm not in the mood for nuts. Maybe I'll throw some water chestnuts into my salad at dinner. Any suggestions?
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    Clutch: you are doing AWESOME.

    I finally had everything "click" a couple of weeks ago or so and am ticking along just fine now. I don't know what was with my mental block with getting back on track but it started after my last Whole30 in December and took almost 5 months for me to break out of it. I seem to do best with ongoing consistency (maybe 95/5) rather than 100% Paleo compliance, so I'll just keep keeping on with what I am doing.

    Cheers to everyone! Keep it up. :happy:
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    Okay my last post (maybe) for this thread. Still on track but had a hiccup when I put Braggs Amino's on a salad but didn't have any reactions to it (it is a fermented soy, but I never eat soy knowingly anyway).

    I have made up my mind that my first item will be Half & Half for my coffee and it will be this Saturday morning so we will call it a Whole29 for any sticklers out there. not sure what comes next after that but I will continue on with dairy, maybe kefir then cheese which I want out of the way for the vacation.

    Anyway that is it, just one more week till I reintroduce. what are any of you going to start with?
  • I just posted on the friends comment asking how your Whole30 was going and then realized the update would be in the group section. Happy you are doing well and looking forward to your H&H when it's all over...