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Please post a little something here if you are new to the group and/or challange.

My name is Stan. I will be creating each thread to log your runs at the end of each previous month.
I am also the creater and administrator of this group.
I was an on and off runner. When I was growing up, I ran because of the sports I was playing at the time. By highschool, I stuck with football and wrestling. never did do track or cross country. I tried out for the wrestling team in college but too many studs. After college, sports was still a part of me. Mostly pickup basketball games or spring softball leagues. When I reached the end of my 30's I became a slouch. I then started running as a way to loose weight. Since October of 2013, I began running consistently. I now have a 10K and half marathon under my belt. I have another 10K at the end of May and hope to do my first full marathon in December. I guess you may say, I caught the runners bug. I hope (for whatever reason you got here) you will learn to enjoy running too.


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    Thanks for the group invite :)

    I'm Brenda from NorCal and enjoy running outdoors virtually year round. I joined the daily challenge in April 2014 (I've eyed it for a long while but finally got the courage to join) failing to make my goal, but I'll keep on running :).

    To date, I've run 8 Half Marathons, several 10K's, 5Ks and other various distances. I started running in 2006 by following the C25K plan to lose weight in hopes of getting pregnant... it worked! I took a year off of running and returned to it in 2008 by repeating the C25K (I started this time at W3) and haven't looked back.

    While I'm an inconsistent runner - I shoot to run 3-4 days a week that doesn't always happen.

    I run for: sanity, health, exercise, fun, to challenge myself... and the list can go on and on, my reasons vary depending on the day. While I'm not fast (11:30MM is my average), I run to better myself.

    My running tools include: Polar FT4 HRM, RunKeeper App, and FlipBelt. For dark runs (I run in the early AM) I wear a reflective safety vest and use knuckle lights.
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    Thank you so much to Stan for starting this challenge and now organizing the group!!! I'm Helen and I have been a runner on and off for most of my life. I have been running consistently since February 2013 and planning to continue indefinitely! Training for my first marathon!! Race day is May 25, 2014!! And since I live in the boonies of Maine and see way more deer, bald eagles and fox than other people running, I have found the challenges great for motivation and support!! I find running helps me body, mind and soul!! Mileage goal for 2014 is 850!!
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    Hello, I am Jennifer.
    I was a rower before I transitioned over to a full-time runner this past March because of a labral tear in my left shoulder.
    I am signed up for 2 1/2 marathons this summer (May 24 and August 17). My goal is sub 2 hour and, of course, faster during the second one.

    My weekly goals are 25-30+ miles.

    I joined these running challenges back in March and my form and pace have really improved since then (10:20 to a 9:05)!!!! :happy:
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    Hello I'm Tor. I joined the March challenge a little late, but am pleased to say I completed my goal of 50 miles in April. I'm working up to a half marathon in October. I have run one before, a couple of years ago, but have got out of the running habit - Steve's challenge reall helped me to focus again!
    A bit about me - 48, mum of three, live in the UK, where it rains a lot and I don't like running in the rain! But nor do I like running when it's too hot. Morning's my favourite time for running and sometimes I run with my dogs (red setter and springer spaniel) cross country.
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    Hi, I'm Mala.

    I'm running for quite a while now. I've run 5Ks, 10Ks, halfs and fulls and the most I enjoy are halfs.

    I never race the same location or race i.e. I never repeat a particular race in future.

    I run on an average anywhere from 20 - 25 miles per week and I'm 100% outdoor runner. I get sick running on thread-mill and will not run on thread-mill even if you dangle a Turkey Jerky in front of me. (Turkey Jerky b'coz I don't eat Beef).

    Editing: Thanks Stan for the wonderful work. This wouldn't have been possible without your initiation. Truly Appreciated. :flowerforyou:
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    Hello, I'm Daniel from England. I'm 36 years old and I used to be 27 stone (378lbs). I've lost almost half of my body weight, and started running on New Year's Eve that just went.

    In March I completed my first 10k. I'm not very fast if I'm honest, but I try - I'm still not "fit". Last Saturday I completed a 10K Mud Run, and in June I'm entered for a Half Marathon. After another Mud Run in July, and another in September, I'm hoping to complete my first marathon (as long as I can get on top of the training). I'm not worried about times at this stage, just finishing them. I've not finished last in a race yet, and that's a massive achievment in my book considering where I came from!

    So far this year my running has been as follows:

    January - 41.6 miles (I was off work for stress so much more time)
    February - 31.4 miles (Back to work, but injured myself training!)
    March - 38.5 miles (more of a normal month)
    April - 36.5 miles (biked a bit more, and shorter distances over rough terrains preparing for Mud Run)

    In May I'd guess I'm looking for 40 miles based on what I normally do. I won't start my actual marathon training until July, and I'll be doing a weekly "Park Run" here which guarantees me at least 3 miles a week even if I was to do nothing else (unlikely!). I've run 11 miles so I'm sure I'm well on the way to the half.

    I'm also a keen cyclist, and this has been my year so far for what it's worth:

    January - 24.6 miles
    February - 20.9 miles
    March - 69.7 miles
    April - 129.8 miles
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    I am Linda. I have 3 kids, Rachel is 22 and a nurse, Tyler is 20 and is in the Air Force (Guards) as a jet engine mechanic and he also is starting a custom motorcycle business, and my daughter, Molly is 13.
    I played tennis, ran and biked, (I used to do races up the local mountain roads on my bicycle) but started doing running races in the year 2000, working my way up to marathons this past year. I didn't want to run distances until I heard my son was brag to one of his friends that I ran twice that day, then I thought...okay...I want to be known as "My Mom the Runner" for the rest of my life.
    Now I run 40-65 miles a week depending on the season. In the dead of winter I do run strictly on my treadmill, and now I am only on it once and a while, preferring to run the roads in my neighborhood.
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    Thanks for the invite Stan!

    Hi, I'm Tim.

    I've been running since December 2012, so almost 1-1/2 years now. I'm 44 and live in the Atlanta, GA area. I run a lot of trails - probably about half my races are trail races. I ran my 3rd half marathon a little over a week ago in 1:46:30 - a big PR for me. My main focus this year will be the Savannah Rock 'n Roll Marathon. It will be my first full marathon and my wife's 2nd. Last month I signed up with a coach to create a custom training plan and it has been working out very well. Currently at about 24 miles/week running 5 days a week. I'm slowly building up before I get into the real marathon training later. I have a few more trail races this summer to complete my 8-race series, then the Peachtree Road Race 10K, and a couple more half marathons in the fall. After my marathon I have a 24-hour ultra in December. I spend as much time in the gym as I do running. I love strength training!
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    Hi! I'm Christina! I'm 37, married (9/21) with 4 lovey kitties :smile:

    I wouldn't call myself a runner, per se. I call myself a triathlete! LOL :wink: I got started in 2010 when I completed my first sprint tri (Iron Girl). My training for the 2011 and 2012 Iron Girls were...shall we say...lacking. LOL....particularly 2012. That was the year that I gained over 50 pounds in like 9 months, and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. The end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 were spent trying to get my meds at the right level, but once my doc got them stable, I was ready to rock! Lost almost 40 pounds and completed the 2013 Iron Girl, as well as the Old Forge Tri (intermediate distance), and a couple of 5K's. :bigsmile:

    However, winter is my downfall as far as motivation goes...I did great keeping up with my running (outside - I live in upstate NY) until New Year's, when I got sick and was out of commission (workout-wise) for over two weeks, and then once I was feeling better, I kept being thwarted by the polar vortex. :grumble: Outside of a handful of workouts, I pretty much had done NOTHING from New Year's until April 19th.

    On my plate for 2014:

    Just completed my very first 10K on 4/19 in 1:29:12 - not bad after 3.5 months of doing next to nothing LOL!
    My next 10K is June 14th
    Delta Lake Olympic Tri (1500M swim, 25 mile bike, 10K run) July 20th
    Iron Girl Sprint Tri (600M swim, 18.6 mile bike, 5K run) on Aug 3rd
    Old Forge Intermediate Tri (1000M swim, 24 mile bike, 4 mile run) on Aug 17th
    hoping to do a metric century ride (62.5 miles) in Sept
    looking to to at least one half marathon (sept, oct or both)
    a number of 5K's

    Ultimate Goals:
    Sub 30 minute 5K
    Sub 60 minute 10K
    Sub 2 hour Iron Girl
    Complete the local Ironman 70.3 (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, half marathon) before I turn 40 - so either 2015 or 2016. :happy:
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    Hi guys my name is Sophia I'm new to this whole running thing currently I'm on week 5 of the c25k program. Right now I run (and walk) 3-4 days a week about 10 miles a week. I hope that after I finish c25k I can start doing about 50 miles a month and sign up for a few official races. I live in Brooklyn and I love running across the different bridges that go into Manhattan.
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    My name is Brigid and I live on an island in South Carolina. I am a Yankee and use words like 'groovy' in normal conversation. I am 40 & married with 2 teenage boys. I took up jogging several years ago, but I didn't train well and ended up hurting myself. I wanted to keep moving, so I became a Walker. I have done the Locomotion (3 days, 30 miles) twice, and the Savannah Rock-n- Roll Half Marathon once. I am getting back into jogging, but starting slow in intervals. I did a 5k this weekend and actually beat my previous jogging time, even with walk/jogging intervals. I am more fit now and am looking forward to the challenge keeping me on track. I am not competitive by nature, except with myself. Posting this goal makes it real. :flowerforyou:
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    Hi guys and gals. Albert here. Runner, father, tech geek, goofball.. Currently building base before I start my training for a 50K in October, Feel free to send a friend request!!
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    Thanks for the invite, Stan! I'm Elizabeth, I'm a single full time working mom of a 4 year old girl. We live in Boston. I tried c25k for the first time in 2011. It didn't work out. I kept getting very sick and couldn't continue with the program. I have asthma and my daughter is in daycare so i get sick very frequently. Anyway i tried again in 2012 and got running to stick. I started out really slow, in June of 2012 i was running 5k in 40 mins. I started training for my first half marathon and got my time down to 29:52 in 2 months. Now my 5k pr is 26:04 but after 5 half marathons I'm still struggling to get my HM time down to sub 2.

    Anyway now that winter sickness season is behind me, I'm trying to get my weekly mileage up to 35+ mpw before starting marathon training for my first full on November 2. Before that I have HM #6 on May 18th that I'm going to run with my daughter in the jogger, a 10k in June and HM#7 in October.
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    Hi, I'm Blanda. I've run for years to supplement my soccer training. I've just picked up running more for distance races and for triathlons in the last few years. I'm always aiming for 100 miles per month, but rarely hit it. Finding time to swim, bike, and run is hard when you have a family and work, can I get an amen?

    Thanks for the invite! Hopefully with a group to report to I'll hit my goal.
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    Thanks for the invite.

    I am Michael -- A 54 year old band director in Mississippi. 2 years ago (January, 2012), I was 344 lbs. I had a hard time getting up out of chairs because I was overweight and both knees would bother me as I got up. Once up, I could get around ok, for the most part... as long as I did not go up stairs. I had done some running around the time I met my wife but it was not really ingrained and I sustained a little knee issue (I think due to poor form thinking back on it and pushing too fast)... In January, 2012, I started dealing with the weight issue and started dropping a few pounds strictly by calorie restriction my first month. Then we joined the YMCA in the nearest decent sized town and I continued dropping pounds. I started at a size 48 pants (loose fit) and about 344 lbs. By the beginning of the next school year I was easily in about a size 38 pant and down to about 250 or so (I seem to recall). Now, I am in a size 32-34 loose fit and weigh about 225.

    Even so, I was not really able to start running again. I did substantial amounts of weight training and walked with an incline but did not dare to run any distance until probably about 2-3 months ago when my knees have stabilized fairly well and I have been able to get back into it. This month (April) was my first month that I found the challenge and met my goal of a mile per day (despite a one week issue with scheduling and transportation)... I did meet my 30 mile goal for the month and have surpassed it at about 32.25 miles so far. Next month's goal will be 45 miles with some sub-goals mixed in.

    I look forward to joining you folks. I am no major runner (though I can run a 5K distance a couple of times per week).... Feels good to be back into it and knees are holding up fairly well so far for the most part.
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    I'm Amanda. I've been looking for a good challange to join and am starting to enjoy getting out to run in my new neighborhood. I do a combo of jogging, walking and HIIT. I use a fitbit to track my distance. I'm looking forward to doing this challange!
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    Thanks for the invite.

    I have been taking part in the challenges for the last few months but this group will be really useful.

    I started running again Sep 2013 with the C25K then moved on to the C210K. About 6 weeks into the 10K training I picked up HM training.

    I completed 2 HM's last month and have increased my weekly mileage to about 30 miles, but the running has to tie in with the cycling and other exercise I do so I don't think I can increase the mileage anymore.

    Hoping to do a full marathon next year but won't start training for that until about 16 weeks before.

    Hopefully May will be a better month as I injured my ankle this month and have only just started running again after a couple of weeks off.