Just Started Keto Diet and Feeling ultra-HUNGRY!

Hey folks:

I just completed day four of my Keto diet and I feel like I could eat a horse. I thought I was suppose to feel full on this diet, but I am super hungry. What gives? My food diary is open, if anyone wants to check it out. I'm eating 65-70 percent fat, 10 percent or less of carbs, and the rest protein. I've eaten at around 2000-2100 calories a day before and never felt this hungry. My stomach is even rumbling!

I can only think of one thing: I am not getting enough fats because I get a lot of my fats from cooked meats and the meats lose fat when cooked.

That's the only theory I have at this point. Should I be drinking the fat from the pan?

Extra info: I am 5'7 155 pounds and 28 years old. I exercise three times a week where I lift weights in circuits and do 15 minutes of cardio. I only log and eat back some of my exercise. I am male but don't have a small frame so I don't have a typical male bone mass. My body fat percentage is about 18-21 percent.



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    Hi Cailogan,

    I did a quick glance on your food diary and it seems you are just meeting the nutritional keto mode, I would advise you to first checkout your macro nutrients- http://keto-calculator.ankerl.com/

    To be in effective nutritional keto mode, your net carbs should be less than 50gms. Also, understand that it may take anytime from 5days-3weeks for your body to adapt the keto-mode. You may feel keto-flu for initial days, etc. Well, i would advise you to read the below blog as well, as i found it very helpful to understand the change my body was getting adapted to-


    I snack on mozzarella fresca cheese with home-made Keto-basil pesto, i do include cheese (cheddar, parmesan,etc) whole-heartedly in my lunch to feel full.

    For breakfast i cook Gordon Ramsey's style of scrambled eggs, but i adapt it to make it keto - Add heavy cream, butter, etc- and eat with bacon. This keep me full.

    Fats will make you feel satiated, so try snacking on cheese. Try to get all your carbs from veggies - there are resources if you google or lookup in pinterest that will help to identify which all veggies have how much carbs in it- helped me lot!

    Eat chicken (per your macro requirements)- makes you feel full too.

    Drink water! there is an app on android (may be on apple as well) that will let you know how much ltrs of water you should drink, according to you weight. Drink Water.

    I hope this helps you, ofcourse there are very helpful people here, on MFP, who would help you with more info. :-)

    Regards & more power to you!
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    Too many grams of carbs, bring it down to 25g net. Depending on the person anywhere from 25 - 50 *can* work, but until you're adapted you want to stick with 25 or less and only after full adaptation experiment with increases if you really want to find your limits. Those 25g should be coming almost exclusively from trace amounts in leafy green vegetables and foods which are high in fats and proteins. Things like graham crackers and ice cream tend to cause insulin spikes and should be avoided until fully adapted and then only eaten on an experimental basis with testing to see how they impact your ketosis.

    Don't use foods in the database with negative net carbs, it messes up your totals and falsifies data making it look like you ate less carbs than you did (if you use the MFP scripts which show net carbs).

    Drink more water.

    Finally, you're only in day 4, you may not even have really hit ketosis yet, give it some time.
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    I agree with keeping your carbs in check, around 20 or so. Also, i don't know if this is the popular opinion around here, but my own personal opinion is that maybe you should consider not limiting calories for the first week or 2. The first time I did HFLC (Atkins about 10 years ago), I ate like a horse for the first few days, kept the fat high and the carbs <20, and still lost weight. Within a week or so, my appetite decreased and I started eating less because I just wasn't as hungry. then I had to make sure I was getting enough calories (and I still do a lot of days!). So basically, I think if you keep your carbs where they should be, eat when you are hungry, and give it a little more time before you start worrying about calories.

    You don't have to drink the fat from the pan, unless it's bacon grease. You still don't have to drink that from the pan, but that stuff is GOOD on veggies!
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    I didn't start limiting calories until about two weeks in them I felt like crap and stopped looking. I was told by my doctor to keep the carbs below 20 and don't worry about calories. Keep fat high (natural fat...not processed) and exersize if I feel like it.

    I lose weight faster when I go to the gym, but when I restrict calories too much, I stall out.
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    I did a quick glance on your food diary and it seems you are just meeting the nutritional keto mode, I would advise you to first checkout your macro nutrients- http://keto-calculator.ankerl.com/

    This is absolutely right. The site is wonderful in figuring out what you're supposed to be doing. I'd suggest lowering the carbs. While up to 50g works for some, it doesn't work for all. Play around with the numbers.

    Additionally, use these scripts to set your MFP up to show you your net carbs and macro breakdown percentages, as well as give you the ability to set your macro goals by gram or by 1% increments. Data is powerful!

    When you have your macros and everything down correctly, keep at it. If you're hungrier in the beginning, eat more. A lot of people choose not to worry about calories in the beginning because it's quite common to feel extra hungry. However, once your body gets into the swing of things, your hunger will subside. You'll suddenly have the problem of forgetting to eat, like so many ketoers.
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    Hey everyone,

    Thanks for the awesome info! I am wrangling my net carbs down to 25!

    In regards to the scripts: How do I apply them?
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    There might be couple of things happening here, hard to tell because every one is different.
    1. Like others have said, bring down the carbs to less than 20 g or so for 2 weeks or till you get adapted. The reason, the carb count is so low in the beginning is to keep insulin levels low, usually more than 10 carbs/hr or per meal can rise your insulin levels. When the insulin/glucose levels rise there are no ketones. Especially in the induction period when you are getting keto adapted avoid eating more than 10 carbs/ meal or snack.
    2. If you are still hungry even after eating less than 20 g then you might have to increase your calorie intake. I was eating 3000-3500 cals during the first 2-3 weeks of keto adaption. I am glad I didn't had a number in place because my body was probably very inefficient in using fat as fuel and thus need for more food. But, you need to make sure to keep carbs less than 20-25g if you are increasing your cal intake.
  • HenryTheTerrible
    Man, by week 2 your appetite will shrink significantly, trust me! It's just because you're depleting your body of carbs so you're not getting full off the bread, rice, quinoa or whatever you were eating before, this is normal, your body will adjust.

    My first week of keto I felt as if I were a bottomless pit. There were 2 nights I got up at midnight and went down to the fridge and ate a bunch of sausages because I was starving. I ate a 1 pound ground beef burger topped with 4 slices of bacon, 2 big slices of cheese and mayo at 10pm (this was shortly after dinner) and was still starving after. I had set my daily calories for 2280 and each day I was a little above 4000 lol. Just eating like a lion. Anyways, midway through the 2nd week I could barely finish my breakfast... now 2 meals a day will suffice.

    Never let yourself starve, we are men and we are hungry!!!!!!! - John Travolta
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    Agree with everyone else. Carbs too high obviously. Second, I would replace some of what you eat with more meat (chicken, pork, steak, or fish) Bigger portions of meat will also fill you up. And more focus on carbs than actual calories. Going over in calories not that big of deal when your in ketosis. LOW carbs 20-30 grams is key.
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    Hey everyone,

    Thanks for the awesome info! I am wrangling my net carbs down to 25!

    In regards to the scripts: How do I apply them?

    If you use Firefox, just click the green install button on the top right of both of the pages. If you use Chrome, you have to download TamperMonkey first and then install both scripts. It should work upon refreshing the browser.

    Oh, and in regards to drinking the fat from the pan, you can always deglaze the pan with some broth or cream and reduce it until thickened. Xantham gum works well as a thickener when you need it, but if you cook the cream long enough, you'll see it thickens a bit. This can be used as a sauce for the meat! Or you can use the fat drippings to cook your side of veggies which will taste amazing.
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    First, thanks to everyone for this forum! I'm 7 weeks into ketosis... I've been reading widely on the web, and the info here is great.

    I've used MFP for years without knowing of user scripts.
    I'd like to try these mentioned above:
    1% increments: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/176696
    Net carbs & Percentage display: https://userscripts.org/scripts/show/124645

    I'm in Firefox but can't get either page to load.
    Any suggestions?

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