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running everyday

veganbettie Posts: 701 Member
When do you get to the point where you can run everyday? I know rest days are needed, but after you've created the program is your body up to the point where you can run more than 3 times a week?


  • MeanderingMammal
    MeanderingMammal Posts: 7,866 Member
    Hmm, every day is seven days per week...

    Anyway, by the end of C25K you'll be able to runa for 30 minutes continuously. At that point it's up to you if you want to increase your distance, increase your numbers of sessions or focus on increasing your speed. That said increasing your speed will probably involve increasing your distance anyway.

    The key point about any of those is not to increase your distance by more than 10% per week. So if you want to increase your number of days then it would be by sticking to 4-5k per existing session then adding an extra day of 1.5km, gradually increasing that to 5K, then adding another day.

    All that said increasing days does increase your injury risk more than increasing distance.

    Personally, after I finished C25K I spent a month just consolidating on that, hen moved onto 10K training sticking to 3 days per week. Once I'd cracked the 10K distance I added an extra day over a month, then increased to 5 days. By that time my sessions were a real mix of long runs, short recovery paced runs, interval runs and tempo runs, so quite a lot of variety. My experience was that 5 days was probably a bit much and I was very fatigued.

    I'm now working on half marathon distance and I've reduced to four days per week.

    On non running days I do some resistance training, or I cycle.
  • veganbettie
    veganbettie Posts: 701 Member
    thanks! I doubt that I would ever really do 7 days a week, I just want to know that eventually I can increase my running to more than 3 days a week. I'm still new at this, granted my next run day is the 20 minutes straight,...eep!

    but i'm excited. I just want to run.