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Level 2 - day 3

hopperem Posts: 228 Member
I am really enjoying Level 2 - especially what it is doing to my abs. They really hurt so that must be good! I'm about to go on holiday for a week so will not be doing my 30DS but intend to come back to it. I just checked my stats and have lost inches!

Bust: start 38 - now 38
Waist: start 33 - now 31.5
Hips: start 41 - now 39
R thigh: start 22.5 - now 22
L thigh: start 23 - now 22


  • spgebhart
    spgebhart Posts: 382 Member
    Awesome results! Good for you!
  • Trackerfit2
    Trackerfit2 Posts: 19 Member
    Done too after going without the internet all weekend,

    Congratulations on your results ????
  • jocop2003
    jocop2003 Posts: 468 Member
    That is awesome I never did my results but I wish I did.