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  • Autumnfilly2005
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    How do you do the no stirrups? Do you removed them completely from the saddle or just kick your feet free of them? And do you ride western or English? How does the no stirrups help you compared to using stirrups?
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    I just take my feet out of the stirrups. Brego doesn't care if they hit his sides as we go. I am working on learning dressage. The no stirrups makes you rely more on your core for balance and stability. With stirrups you have a platform to brace against.

    I am getting seriously addicted. I just signed up for another clinic this weekend with the trainer who makes me sweat and huff more than Brego does.

    By the way, aren't horses the most forgiving creatures? I am working on getting stable in the canter and poor Brego gets defensive because I suck and bang on his mouth. But the the next day he puts his mouth right back in my hands and says "You aren't going to bang on it again are you?"

  • Autumnfilly2005
    Autumnfilly2005 Posts: 232 Member
    I wouldn't mind going no stirrups in the arena, but I'd be too scared to try it on the road. There's too much heavy traffic in my area and my horse is just skittish enough to make it really dangerous. I ride my horse without a bit, just a noseband. She responds well to it, and I don't do any sort of competition riding where I'd need one. That way I figure I don't worry about tugging at her mouth too much. I suck at the canter too, I just flop around all over the place. They are forgiving creatures!
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    +1 on the forgiving creatures part. There's many times Im frustrated - with her, with myself.... for the past month we've been going through this 'thing" where she won't, and I mean WILL NOT jump - and by jump I mean a 12 inch vertical she could walk over backwards while sleeping with a broken leg blindfolded upside-down.... then the next day...she goes over it.... doesnt feel like it did 3 months ago, she rushes, and feels nervous, and lifts her head...
    My trainer's at a loss. She's so sensitive that "cowboying her" or whipping her over it really doesn't help the situation - she just gets frazzeled and hangs on to it for days.... Anyway, my point is the other day I wasn't expecting her to jump and was sitting back. She jumped it, I managed to lift my hands, but forgot to lift my body, slammed on her back, flopped all over the place, and probbaly yanked her face off. And then she just went over it again. I mean -Ii think I would buck myself off....but they just keep on going. Its amazing. it's their best quality...and biggest most animals...their trust and forgivness can land them in some aweful spots.... but thats too much sadness! On to the fun talk!

    So when I gave my stirrups up for lent I literally handed them to my trainer and told her to hide them, so I wouldn't be tempted. She gave them back to me for lessons only. At this point - I think I would just keep them on my saddle and cross them over the cantle so they don't hit her sides - but some horses really couldn't care less about them hitting their sides. I ride english. Doing no stirrups helps so much... I really don't feel like I balance off my stirrups at all, in fact, there are often times Im cantering and In my head Im all like "man, Im awesome, Im not even using my stirrups!". then, I drop them, and realize Im completely off balance, leaning to the right and totally, 100% using them and depending on them!
    Letting them go makes you sit deeper, sit up taller, stay balanced, stretches your leg / heel down, and just develops way more core stregth. Im telling you the day I took them back after the 40 days let I felt like a rockstar. My seat and leg were awesome. Granted, I didnt drop them again after that and I went back to my old ways....

    I was advised by my vet not to post the trot without them because she has back issues - but posting without them is a great form of exercise. I supplement and since I cant post, I do sitting (which is easy on her because she's smoothe) and half seat. I can probbaly only do halfseat half way around the arena right now (if that, and it's embarassing to the point that I wont do it if there's certain people out there...) - Id like to be able to go a couple times around. I see the kids lessoning jumping 3 foot jumps without them and their equitation is flawless. They are fearless and beautiful riders... In the canter it helps me actually SIT (something we hunter / jumper people sometimes forget to do...) and really stretch my leg down. You can't "flop" withought them because....well... you will fall off! it really teaches you balance!

    Alright, Im going to drop them today. I'll just do a couple times around and build up from there.... accountability partners! let's go!

    PS I also just purchased a Dr. Cooks Bitless bridle. I can't compete in it...but I wanted to give it a shot because one of my biggest worries jumping is that i pull on her face... even though I dont...the fear is paralyzing and keeps me from letting her gallop to the fences. that thing is great! I love it! i got some weird looks in it....but she seemed super happy in it too. Good investment. It makes me happy to see people riding their horses without bits.
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    I can do a posting trot no stirrups during a lesson for about 10 - 20 minutes, depending on how tough the instructor is being. I could not do a two point or half seat without them. At least not a pretty one.. I think Chico would be okay for no stirrups. Scout is so easy going he probably would not care, but he is 3 and he could act up.

    I love my ponies but Chico is not so forgiving. Get in his mouth too much, legs in the wrong spot, well he makes you suffer for it.