puncture prevention



  • lpherman01
    lpherman01 Posts: 212 Member
    I'll second that Stan's sealant. My son was remounting his tubeless MTB tires (needs to be done annually) and one had a puncture in it that you could see light through. I told him that he needed a new tire, and he just laughed at me, put in 2 oz of sealant and pumped it up a little. It oozed for a few seconds, and then stopped. A minute later, he pumped it up and that was it. He's been riding it all spring. Smarty pants kids. :angry:
  • Lard_Vader
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    Correction to the GatorSkin suggestion--use Hardshell! There is notable difference in the sidewall (and not much more weight). I put over 8k miles on my previous set. I run these on my road and gravel bike. IMO you won't find a better tire per price.
  • robmac13h
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    put a set of continental sport contacts on yesterday ,bike runs great on them so hope they will be fewer punctures now