It's the July 2014 Challenge!

davemunger Posts: 1,139 Member
Welcome to the MFP runners' Team Challenge! Each month we set running goals and then track our miles and encourage each other to keep it up. Check in here for


To join us, all you need to do is visit the spreadsheet below and record your information on the first tab. The second tab tallies the results.

To get started, you need to enter your name and your GOAL for July. Let us know in the comments if you have any difficulties doing this. Then, enter your mileage each day. Everything should be automatically tallied on the second page of the spreadsheet -- please DON'T edit the second page!. Let us know if it's not working and we'll fix it!

Important: Enter your name/goal at the bottom of the list; we'll sort it periodically. It doesn't work to add a name to the middle!

*** Spreadsheet:

As usual -- to refresh the spreadsheet -> click the refresh :happy: button on your browser, or try CTRL+R then CTRL + F5 a couple of times if you are using the Windows OS, or replace the CTRL key with Command key if you are on a MAC, or, Command+R and then Command+Shift+R on a MAC. We will try to update this a few times each week, or you can always visit the Google Doc spreadsheet to see the latest!

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  • _Josee_
    _Josee_ Posts: 625 Member
    In for 175 miles. My training plan is calling for 195 miles but I'll make a conservative goal :)
  • EEfromJersey
    EEfromJersey Posts: 219 Member
    I'm gonna shoot for a hot 150 in July...I think
  • Stoshew71
    Stoshew71 Posts: 6,553 Member
    180 miles for me please?
  • runner475
    runner475 Posts: 1,236 Member
    Mala (runner475)
    I'm in for 140.

    Travel days this month. Blech!
  • MelisRunning
    MelisRunning Posts: 819 Member
    Just 100 for me this month. Tapering, 50K on the 26th and then recovery. Low mileage month for me.
  • Cooriander
    Cooriander Posts: 2,848 Member
    100 miles for me. I will need to run earlier b/c it is so hot (and I said that last month)!
  • aldousmom
    aldousmom Posts: 382 Member
    In for 175 miles. My training plan is calling for 195 miles but I'll make a conservative goal :)

    I have NO idea what my plan calls for: I only see it weekly! and, it's mostly by time, not miles. Every "goal" I make is a guess! the only mileage I know for sure are RACES!
  • UrbanRunner81
    UrbanRunner81 Posts: 1,207 Member
    140 for me!
  • RunnerElizabeth
    RunnerElizabeth Posts: 1,091 Member
    My plan calls for 165 miles. I find that scary so 150 it is! (Also scary.)
  • Saree1902
    Saree1902 Posts: 611 Member
    70 for me...most I've attempted all year!
  • _Josee_
    _Josee_ Posts: 625 Member
    In for 175 miles. My training plan is calling for 195 miles but I'll make a conservative goal :)

    I'm changing my goal to 120 miles. I'm taking some time off.
  • saskie78
    saskie78 Posts: 237 Member
    In for 180, around the lowest my training plan would call for for the month. I have 10 days of travel, which is again going to complicate things, but I'm trying to plan so I still get a relatively decent week in when gone.
  • suetorrence
    suetorrence Posts: 163 Member
    I strained my hip on a Trail race last month - the reason for the lower miles in June - and my physical therapist is saying "no" to running for a few weeks. :sad: Guess I need to sit out this month's challenge. Thanks!
  • julie_emma1
    julie_emma1 Posts: 146
    In for 100 miles this month. I'd like to shoot for 120, but I didn't even make 100 in June so don't want to get too ambitious. Maybe 120 in August! :smile:
  • fleetzz
    fleetzz Posts: 962 Member
    In for 100--will likely be treadmill for the most part--so hot and humid in florida recently.
  • wombat94
    wombat94 Posts: 352 Member
    Time to get in for July.

    Training plans call for 150 - formal plan for my first marathon starts on July 21.

    Gonna actually cut back a bit because June was such a huge month, and be conservative rather than push.

    Putting in 145 as the goal.
  • Leanz
    Leanz Posts: 2,025 Member
    Hi Going to be cautious - it is freezing here! Will try for 50 miles and hope for more!
  • pafagel
    pafagel Posts: 268 Member
    I'm signing up for 50 miles.
  • RunnerInVT
    RunnerInVT Posts: 226 Member
    I'm in for 220. Marathon training continues... :)
  • SonicDeathMonkey80
    SonicDeathMonkey80 Posts: 4,489 Member
    Let's see how 175 works for me.