First Check-in (7/1/14) and Ground Rules

mamacoates Posts: 430 Member
Welcome to all! I am excited to see some old friends pop up here as well as some new faces. To make sure we are all on the same page, please review some basic guidelines below:

* Step One: Please take a moment to introduce yourself in the "Welcome! Start Here ..." Thread. Keeping everyone's introductions in the same spot helps everyone remember who each member is and why we are here.

* Step Two: Our kick off challenge is the 60-day Summer Miles or Minutes Challenge. Go to the post: "Summer Challenge" to access the link and get yourself set up. Everyone is responsible for setting their own goals and for logging their activity on a consistent basis. Everyone who participates and makes an honest effort for forward progress is a winner!!

* Start logging in your activity immediately (as of July 1st), but we won't start posting other goals and check-ins until later in the week, just to give everyone a chance to get caught up.

* Saturday mornings will be our day to start a new weekly thread, post weigh-ins (if we go that route) and announce new mini-goals, new weekly challenges, etc. If I get side-tracked, I invite other people to start the new Saturday morning thread for me, but please keep the format consistent. If you have a subject specific idea, go ahead and start it (Recipes, Non-scale Victories, Questions, Chit-chat, etc.) so other members can chime in at their convenience.

* This is a group! Participation is required. Please find time to check-in on a regular basis - at least weekly. Non-participants will eventually be dropped from the group to make room for new folks who are eager to interact in the group forum. Also, sharing is encouraged, but remember that all information offered is from friend to friend. All participants should check with their personal health care provider for absolute health or medical advice.

* Use your voice! This is OUR group. Please speak up if something is not going well, or if you have a fresh new idea. The group is only as good as the folks who are actively participating. On the other hand, please be respectful of what is shared here. "What gets posted in our group forum, stays in our group forum."

If we have need for additional "ground rules" they will be posted here for easy reference ... So enough reading for now, let's get off our fannies and let's get moving!!