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Just came across this post a moment ago. Great reading and fits with our like-mindedness ... Here's the original link and a copy of the post below. Enjoy!
What if you had to choose between the following:

OPTION 1) Get rich quick, but spend all the money and be poor again, just as quickly - possibly even poorer than you started


OPTION 2) Take some time, earn your wealth, and learn how to preserve it.

Which would you pick?

It seems pretty obvious to me, which option is better. I want a lasting wealth... even if it means I have to work for it. I don't want a flash in the pan that disappears in a heartbeat - potentially leaving me scarred in the process... I want something sustainable. Something lasting. Something I can pass on to my kids after I am gone.

And yet - so many topics on this site are focused on helping people achieve OPTION 1... some VLCDs, cleanses, fad diets, starvation and the like - abound a plenty.

So many people seem to think that they'll be the exception to the rule - that they'll lose weight super fast, turn into this low fat, ripped, amazing sexy creature, and keep that body for EVERRRRR.... and yet they don't learn the proper tools to preserve the wealth they achieve (if they even achieve it in the first place!)

And it's kinda ridiculous.

Take this thread as an encouragement - you didn't gain weight overnight...

I challenge you to ALLOW YOURSELF...
- GRACE to lose weight slowly. Adjust your timelines to allow yourself time to change the way you approach food.
- ROOM to make mistakes... no one can do this perfectly! You will have days where you feel like you have failed. It is OK. Just keep trying.
- FREEDOM to have those foods you feel you cannot live without. Find a way to fit an occasional treat into your life
- PERMISSION to love yourself as you are, knowing that you are working towards being healthier.
- REALISM... set realistic goals for what you want to look like... recognize your body type and see what thinner versions of those body types look like. (If you have a massive chest, you likely won't look like Kate Hudson when you lose your weight!)

Too many times I see people hate themselves into losing weight, and they do WHATEVER IS NECESSARY to get to their goal as fast as possible... and too many times I see them on the side of the road with their head between their knees... broken because they feel like they've failed.

Train for your marathon... you don't have to run it the first time you lace up your shoes...


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    Yes, slow and steady wins the race, right? If I can practice good habits (I read somewhere it takes 6 weeks to develop and ingrain a new habit) and keep them up, then in the long run I know I can reach my goal. I like that about this summer challenge.......8+ weeks is do-able, yet also enough time to see measurable changes in our weight, endurance, strength and commitment. I appreciate the support here too. I have a tendency to "enjoy myself" with the thought that I can start over tomorrow. One goal for the summer is to feed my body with good and tasty energy in a moderate and healthy way....and maybe to redefine what "enjoying myself" means!
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    Good thinking Yagmur! And I like the way you said,
    One goal for the summer is to feed my body with good and tasty energy in a moderate and healthy way....and maybe to redefine what "enjoying myself" means!

    That was my key to my success during the holidays ... and somehow in the last few months of the school year this year, I caved in to instant gratification. Definitely great reminders for us all!! I am on vacation for a couple of days for the holiday and that's exactly what I have been focusing on: feeding my body with good and tasty energy in moderation.

    Thanks for sharing your comments Yagmur!