7/5/2014 Challenge and Goal Setting

mamacoates Posts: 430 Member
Good Morning Folks! Hoping you all had a fantastic week, are getting settled in a ready for the first weekly challenge! Many of you have already started posting activity on the group spreadsheet. Congrats to you all!

** I thought it would be great to start off our first weekly nutrition challenge focusing on the basics: water and protein. How many of us are hitting daily recommended water and protein intakes for optimum health? I for one, have been slacking and letting other items overtake my daily menu. So please post your water and protein goals for the week and let's see how we do!!

My goals are 8 glass of water a day and 100 g of protein a day.

** For our exercise goal, let's add some core work to our cardio programs. Abs, planks, whatever you choose ... just record your benchmark and then add on an attainable goal of activity for one week.

I have added abs to the end of my workout this week and am at 5 sets of 30 reps. I will work on making it 6 sets by the end of the week.

Wishing everyone a great week! Be sure to check in throughout the week and let us know how you are doing!!


  • gsheppy
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    Ok happy Saturday, I have to work tonight. Yucky but upside lots of steps and lifting heavy trays.

    My exercise goal is push ups. 2 sets of 25 everyday.

    Food goal stay on top of my numbers.

    Have a great week everyone.
  • ichbinyagmur
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    Hey everyone! Great goals for the week! Protein is difficult for me....although I do eat meat, I gravitate towards vegetarian items more. It's hard to get all my protein in nuts, tofu and greek yogurt! My goal is 75 g per day. For my water I am shooting for 8 cups. I have been putting a slice of lime or cucumber in my water jug for a little flavor kick. I have a pretty consistent pilates routine that I do for my core. Have a good week!:smile: