Daily Chat: 7/10/14 What are your plans???

mamacoates Posts: 430 Member
Hi all! Jumping in the car this morning and headed to the central California coast with my 16 year old son. San Luis Obispo and Cal Poly campus to be exact! Planning to get lots of walking and sightseeing in over the next couple of days, and looking forward to exploring the area with my son as he is interested in Cal Poly's engineering program. I'll be back on Saturday. Wish me luck as far as making good food choices while we are on the road!!!

What do you all have planned for the rest of the week? Keep logging in those miles and minutes, and keep drinking water!!


  • annadchang
    annadchang Posts: 60 Member
    First I am very jealous. I really need to move to a state that has more sunny days and warmer weather.

    Haven't decided what my munchkin and I are doing. Probably something outside. I love to take him swimming. Or to the park.
  • Frappleberry
    Frappleberry Posts: 251 Member
    Work has been hectic so lots of R and R this weekend! We've got lots of rain and thunderstorms forecast for the weekend so I probably won't get out much. I am going to try a kettle bell workout though, have a great weekend everyone!
  • gsheppy
    gsheppy Posts: 283 Member
    Good in Cali. Drive safe.
    My husband has left me at home with 3 kids for the weekend. Yuppie. I am off tomorrow. I plan on beach, beach, reading and more beach and reading. Will try to walking for at least an hour everyday.
  • mamacoates
    mamacoates Posts: 430 Member
    After a five hour drive, we have arrived! Headed downtown to the Thursday Night Farmer's Market to see how may calories I can burn walking around town before beddie-by ... Consumed 500 calories of mindless eating in the car as my kid and I turned up the radio and headed down highway 101. Ugh!! Who wold have guessed that 6 red licorice twists = 210 calories!! :noway:

    Oh well. No sense worrying about it now ... will definitely be headed back to the gym as soon as we get home!!

    72 degrees here. Perfect walking weather. Best wishes everyone for a strong finish to your week!!
  • mrsme1008
    mrsme1008 Posts: 62 Member
    Enjoy your trip with your Son. Get some walking done and you'll get rid of those licorice calories!

    Heading to they gym tomorrow and then to the movies to see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes! Plan on taking my own air popped pop corn and stay away from the nachos that I love! Swimming on Sunday!

    Enjoy! :flowerforyou: