7/12/2014 Challenge and Goal Setting

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Good Morning!! Sorry to be late off the starting block this week in getting this thread posted, but I just want to say I had a fab trip with my son to San Luis Obispo and Cal Poly last week. Over several days at the central California coast, we visits two different farmer's markets, the Cal Poly campus, Avila Beach, and then wrapped up our trip with brunch at the famous Madonna Inn and a visit to Hearst Castle. Awesome trip with my 16 year old son!

Must also say, glad to have had my water challenge last week ... it really helped me while I was away to have something to focus on. Going to continue this challenge this week: 8 or more glasses per day. Also going to work on eliminating the evening snacking. That nasty behavior has crept its way back in again over the last few months, but by not snacking so much while away from home, I realized I do not need it. I just need to keep busy and say NO. Who's in?

Exercise challenge: Whatever you are doing for core strength, find a way to change it up and add at least one more set to what you are doing. For me, that means 7 sets of 30 reps and also going to up my pushups to 3x25 every other day.

Other than that, keep logging your minutes and miles. Anyone else enjoying watching the numbers add up? Everyone is doing great!! Keep up the good work!!


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    It's always great to spend quality time with our "kids" - no matter the age. Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip!

    Evening snacking is one of my bad habits. For me I have either cut back on the bad stuff (mostly chips, but good chips) or swapped it out for some fruit. Cutting it out completely makes be want to binge on crap, so for me I'll stick with the modification - baby steps!

    I definitely need to up the conditioning on my core. I'll pick out a new routine for this week and/or add another day. I've read that the abdominal muscles CAN be worked everyday unlike the other muscle groups which need 24-48 hours rest to build.

    I've been using www.fitnessblender.com. This website has tons of workouts at various level of difficulty. It's all free!

    Lastly, I lost a little more than a pound last week!! YAY ME! I did my official weigh in on Friday and posted that and then weighed again on Sat and was down even more - stayed the same for Sunday, so I want to improve on that for this week. Seeing that scale go down is soooo motivating for me! I'm rambling again..LOL - Have a great week all!

    Cheryl :flowerforyou:
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    So proud of you. Cheryl. That so wonderful. I wish I could say the same, I am stuck again. Doing good with loggin everything but not making good choices. I am having a head time getting up in the morning to workout and wheni get home it's really humid so tha makes it hard to walk. I get dizzy and light headed.

    Goals for the week, I am going to do t25 everyday. Which well help my core along with my cardio. Walk but I think I am gonna have to do it in the treadmill.

    I don't understand why all of a sudden I am having a hard time walking outside.

    This week is my baby boy turns 8. Wow 2 cookouts thus week.

    Happy stepping.