Daily Chat: 7/16/2014 "My Fitness Band is Making Me Fat"

mamacoates Posts: 430 Member
This morning I caught a segment on the Today Show titled "My Fitness Band is Making Me Fat". Did anyone else see the segment? Here's the link in case you missed it:

What do you all think of this story? Do you use any type of fitness band? What do you think the benefits and challenges are of using fitness tools like this to aid in achieving your goals?


  • gsheppy
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    OMG. I think is crazy. So e people need the help to stay focused. Fitbit has great info for those who count calories.

    I have to say for me, my fitbit is a great tool. I understand it's not perfect. It's more a guide for me. I really don't understand the calories in verse burn. I think it's common sense, eat a certain amount of calories, make healthy choices and exercise. My nutritionist is right on board with my use of fitbit and Mfp. It's has help me stay accountable for what I eat and excersie. I log wether it's good or bad. I have stay true to myself.

    People think I am to into getting my steps and the calories logged. My husband asked if I could cheat it. I said why would I want to do that. Then I would not be honest with myself.

    Well that is my personal opinion. I guess it just come down to making healthy choices and healthy changes. We are not perfect. I don't think one tool or band should be the cause of gaining weight.
  • mrsme1008
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    Well that is interesting. I use my Fitbit all of the time and would be lost without it. It keeps me on track and I use it as a gauge. I love seeing the steps add up and active miinutes and climbing higher on my friend list. However I only use it for steps and sleep. I don't record workouts or food on Fitbit. I use MFP exclusively for that. It sounds like people are eating back the burned calories that the fitness bands are calculating for them and not sticking to they're daily goals. I eat back calories, more on some days than others and I go over my goal. However lately I have been trying to keep my deficit to a minimum of 300-400 calories. There are 3500 calories in a pound, so if you want the scale to move you have to have a good deficit. It's working and I'm losing weight - slowly, but it's going in the right direction. And the more I lose, the more motivated I become! I've finally crossed that abyss :happy:

    Of course there are other factors and it is not an exact science, but for me the basics remain calories in/calories out. By using the numbers (Thanks Mamacoates for that insight!), I can see where/why things do or do not happen. For instance, I ate salad for two days but the scale didn't move. Ok what did I put in the salad? Oh too much feta cheese caused me to retain water or I over did it on the croutons - ok now I see why! Also if you are entering a workout, the band really has no idea of your exertion level - it's all an estimate. Use it for what it's worth and don't blame the band - it's YOU!! LOL

    JMHO. :flowerforyou:
  • mamacoates
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    Well ladies, I have to say I agree with you both. I don't have a Fitbit, but I do have a Heart Rate Monitor that also tracks the length of my workout and estimates calories burned. Again, these items are just TOOLS to help you gather data to assist a person toward their goals. I really get tired of people who look outside themselves for excuses and refuse to use common sense ... And then having the media feature stories like these ... harrumph! What can I say?

    Anyway, here's to HEALTHY CHOICES! Let's finish the week strong!!