Two hypo friends, major difference in weight loss journey

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So I have been working out like crazy since June 16th (1.5hrs- 3.5hrs/7 days a week). Eating 1200-1400 calories on average (sometimes more). The only way for me to drop weight is to have a net calorie day under 800 calories.

Yet my friend who is also hypo and sees and endo has lost the same amount of weight as me. She started a month later, only works out 2-3 times a week and eats way more calories then I do (and eats out almost daily). She is about 12 lbs heavier then me- so large weight differences is not a factor.


My doctor is ultra conservative with my meds (as evident above). Even when I show symptoms (sleeping 12-14hrs and still unable to stay awake, cold in 85+ degree weather etc...), he just wants to wait and see. The only way my meds have ever been increased is because I have been hospitalized for other reasons and the attending doc after seeing all of my bloodwork ends up increasing it. This has happened twice.

Its not that I don't enjoy working out, I do. But I may need to pick up a second job soon and I have no idea how I will balance getting in that many hours of exercise with working two jobs, and still lose weight. I really, really like my doctor, except for how my thyroid is treated. I don't think he will adjust my meds even if I show him all my documentation about my weight loss journey- I mean, I am still losing. I just wish it was a similar rate and effort as my friend.

Ok-pity party is over. Its just been a very, very rough month personally and this just adds to my frustration.


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    Umm, that's not a pity party. That's you totally have a sucky doctor. Srsly. And I would love to tell you how UNUSUAL that is, but it's not. If you haven't browsed too deeply here, do. Lots of us have been told - yeah, 800 cals for life. Or "eat like a bird"...*sigh*

    If there is any possible way, please please see another doctor, even if it's only for your thyroid issues. Unless you have one of those setups where they only let you see "your" doc?

    Everything you're describing says there's a problem. And as you probably already know, the "normal" range is MUCH larger than many people's functional range. Symptoms matter.

    I'm so sorry you're experiencing this.
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    I second seeing another doctor. This is not a time to take no for an answer.

    I am trying to move between doctors in the same practice. I refuse to see the one who was forever telling me I could not have this or that symptom because of an op, telling me to live with them!! Would she had been the only doctor I have encountered with their own Ideas I possibly would not have needed the hysterectomy, it was a hormonal one at an earlier age than usual. I wish I had know about the web site, Stop the thyroid madness, years ago it will give you as much information as you can need. Take your site visits in small bites and keep notes. Use the symptoms list and list each one you have, there are many you may have but not realise are related. YOU are entitled to a SECOND OPINION.

    Also I would say, know what you are talking about, be confident. I had to remind an endocrinologist that salicylate is a toxin, because he was insisting I had allergies and this was out of his remit, forgetting or knot knowing?(frightening) salicylate reactive persons are more likely to have under-active thyroids because of all the extra work it has to do in eliminating salicilate from foods and the environment. I had already been told by an immunologist that I had no evidence of immunological or inflammation responses. He was prepared to acknowledge they could be suppressed by the thyroid.

    Thinking of foods, we make our hormones from foods and others we take from the foods too, if one is only eating 800 calories worth of nutrition; (I do wonder why, how much heat it takes to raise the temperature of water has to do with food and nutrition in a person?); he is facilitating your being undernourished. He should have at least suggested you took good quality vitamin and minerals to cover bases which are being neglected in diet alone.

    Here our doctors seem to only be able to cope with one issue, you are requested not to go in with a list. Could be because the NHS is groaning under over use, or it could be financial constraints though they say it is a time thing.

    Please keep pushing you deserve better.
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    yeah, seriously fire your doctor.
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    Unfortunately, we need to advocate for ourselves in health care. Get a 2nd (and maybe 3rd) opinion. That is your right. And you doctor needs to recognize and respect that. I think you are teaching your body to rely on the huge amounts of exercise you are doing. So when you are not able to get that much in, your body will hold onto weight. I'm sorry you are going through this. Do some research, advocate for yourself and realize you are never alone in this journey.