would you bang a chick



  • CallMeCupcakeDammit
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    If I was gonna bang a chick, she would have to bring her own waterproof mattress cover. I ain't dealin' with that. One of my roommates used to bang a chick who peed every time. She was hot, so I guess that excused her.
  • shankasaurus
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    I've heard it's good to pee after sex, helps prevent UTI's or something, but I always thought they meant in a toilet. Guess I've been doing it wrong.
  • jackpotclown
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    what she should get back into life with......\m/
  • NotRailMeat
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    It wouldn't bother me at all, I've pee'd my own bed plenty of times... I'm usually drunk and dancing on it at the time which is shortly followed by puking and passing out, but who really cares about the details right?
  • Mainebikerchick
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    Depends. How hot is she/how good is the sex?

    ^^THIS. A man after my own heart! :flowerforyou:
  • EddieHaskell97
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    if you knew she would piss your bed after?

    If we started in my bed: probably.

    If we started in hers, but she insisted on giving my Serta a golden shower afterward, probably not.
  • wheird
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    Um, no.
  • Do you have a waterproof mattress cover? Yes.

    Then yes... if she's super hot.

    No mattress cover...

    Hell Nah
  • MiloBloom83
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    Squirting? Crazy hot.

    Pissing in my bed? Well, i've got a mattress protector on mine(because, see above). I'd prefer she use the bathroom, but as long as i have clean, dry sheets to put back on, i guess let 'er rip.
  • _errata_
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  • mccindy72
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    thinking over it more, I just really think no. What a downer! ick.
  • jnichel
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    Like I'm in any position to turn down sex over some urine. It's not like my wife allows me to say no.