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This is part two of the "Post Your Recent Results!" discussion. As before, it's the place to brag / commiserate about your recent race results. Make sure to let everyone know not just the distance, but what race you ran. You'd be surprised to find out how many MFPers have run the same race!

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  • JustWant2Run
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    Ottawa Army Run half marathon.

    7 minutes slower than what I was going for. I was on pace for the first 10K... Then the heat, and rain, and wind, and side stiches got to me. Decided to slow down and take it as a marathon pace long run. I was feeling bad yesterday, but after talking to some people who ran the same race and being told that everyone was 5-10 minutes slower than expected, I feel better :)

    Still managed to place top 5.75% of the 6013 females finishers, and top 6,71% in my AG. Those are better numbers than my PR race, so I'm happy with that!
  • tkillion810
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    Most recent race was Sioux Falls, SD marathon on September 7. I PR'd that day with a time of 4:05:54. Still hoping to hit 4 this year at Twin Cities in two weeks!
  • EEfromJersey
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    I did the Rock n Roll HM in Philadelphia yesterday 2:15:36 10:20avg was looking to break under 10 didn't happened a big, huge crowd, nice event well run live music throughout the run and I started out through 10miles averaging 9:50 or so per mile and that's when I felt It, runners were on the side of the road & on stretchers, I had to hold back in order to finish I knew it, I had hit a HM wall, so you keep running knowing the day was shot and now just looking to salvage the day, when I was done, I was shot, sooo done but, I had finished it too see another run!
  • warriordude07run
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    Lets see...

    PR weekends back to back

    Sunday 9/14/14- Erie Half Marathon- 1:39:30-- previous best was 1:40:44
    Sunday 9/21/14- Ohio State Four Miler- 27:59-- previous best was 28:30
  • Zekela
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    Oak Openings Stampede 50k (9/14/2014) (repeat female overall winner). 5 hrs. 11 mins... Wasn't really happy though since I was on track for a 4 hrs 40 mins finish until I got seriously lost on the last mile!!!
  • TomZot
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    Mustang 5K Saturday, Sept 20, 2014. 21:23. New PR and won my age group.
  • Samstan101
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    Swansea Bay 10k - very hot! Set a new PB of 56:18 and was 59/ 256 in my age group (my best ever result!)
  • DonPendergraft
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    I finished the Do-Wacka-Do Trail Run a couple of weeks ago. I did the 50K in 6:58 and some change. It was rainy, cold and muddy but I finished!
  • STrooper
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    RACE 13.1 - Fayetteville, NC (September 7, 2014) Half-marathon: 2:05:01
    Weather was warm and extremely humid on a relatively flat course, I was 5th in my age group (M 60-64), but I also set a new PR (for 2 weeks). I had run a 26 mile training run just 6 days earlier.

    RACE 13.1 -Raleigh Midtown Fall (September 20, 2014) Half marathon: 2:01:55 (new PR).
    Weather was near perfect, but the course is hilly including an 8% grade section in the last half-mile (averaged 6.2% in the last half-mile). Came in 1st in my age group (M 60-64).

    Both races are training races for the marathon I will be running on November 2nd.

    Did the Gail Parkins Ovarian Cancer Awareness 5K on 9/13/14 and came in 3rd in my age group with a time of 26:20. It was warm and 100% relative humidity. I ran this same race and course last year with a time of 28:03 and came in 1st in the M 60-64 in 2013, so I got faster on this course but was outrun by a couple of stronger runners.
  • TwelveSticks
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    Dublin Half Marathon, last Saturday morning. Finished in 02:06:37, which was pleasing enough, given that I'd not really ran at all during July & August and only picked up my training again 3 weeks ago. I can't say it was easy, but it wasn't as bad as I'd feared, and it was only my second official 13.1...
  • WooBear86
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    I have been running for a few years now, but jus started racing in 2014. I ran my first race ever this May. The Vancouver Half Marathon 2:27:49 on 2014-05-04 and then completed my second half marathon in Edmonton on 2014-08-24 with a PR. 2:22:03. These are the only 2 races I have ever done. I am doing another half marathon on Oct 25th :) Hope to get a second PR.
  • sinister2014
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    6.75 km trail race Wednesday in 37:59
  • davemunger
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    LungStrong 5k in Cornelius, NC: 18:59, which turned out to be good enough for first overall. Glad the guy who won it last year didn't show up this time -- he ran a 15:01!
  • Curtruns
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    Preliminary Results
    Quad Cities Marathon
    3:30:48 Net time
    50:12 10K split
    1:47:29 Half split
    2:44:56 20 mile split

    M40-44: 15
    Overall: 83

    New PR!!!!
  • DymonNdaRgh40
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    Did the Alive & Running Run/Walk 5K benefiting the L.A. Suicide Prevention Center yesterday, Sept. 28, 2014.

    Got a new PR!!!!

    Finished in 27:08 and won #2 in my age group F35-39 out of 86.
  • JoelleAnn78
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    I ran my first 10K race Saturday. I was shooting for 1:08 as I feel most comfortable running at an 11:11 pace for my over 5 mile runs. I saw the time clock at 1:03:55 when i was coming down the hill toward the finish. I really thought I had nothing left and I kicked it up to finish at 1:03:59! I was so excited :happy:

    I am training for a Half on 10/19 and I have run up to 9.5 miles. This 10K really kicked my butt, and I think it is because I came out too strong. At the 3 mile mark I was sub 30 and I knew that was way too fast in the 80 degree heat, but at that point I wasn't sure how to dial it back without losing all steam. I need to work hard on figuring out my pace for the Half so I don't come out too strong and kill my chances at even finishing.
  • vmclach
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    TC 5k

    18:58 :-) :-) 20+ sec PR.

    2nd woman out of like 1000 I think?
  • davemunger
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    Today's race results show that "winning" is just as much about who shows up as it is about running fast. I ran 17 seconds faster at the US Masters 5K today (18:42) than I did last week and finished 79th overall and 11th AG. Humbling!
  • SonicDeathMonkey80
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    Minster Oktoberfest 10K Classic - 41:10, 111th overall, 13th in AG. Broke my 42:46 PR from April by 1:36.

    Now it's off to Chicago for a laid back marathon effort and just enjoy the energy and experience sans pressure :)
  • OnionMomma
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    I did the Shell Yeah! Challenge for the Crawlin' Crab 5K and Half Marathon weekend this weekend. It's the 5K on Saturday with the Half the day after on Sunday,. What an awesome experience for my first 5K and Half! I've only done two really really small local 10Ks.

    Here are my results, I hit the nail on the head for pace for both races!!

    5K 33:03 chip time

    I was 64 out of 234 females.

    Half Marathon:

    5K split: 35:46 pace 11:32
    10K Split: 1:11:01 pace 11:26
    Half finish: 2:33:40 pace 11:44

    I was 863 out of 1,435 females.

    And I ran it with my Momma!! What a great first big race. 3 medals in two days! Loved every min of it and it's true, on your first half, mile 12 sucks but the 13.1 mile marker is worth it all.

    Now on to the next one, I think I'm going to do one at the end of Nov.
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