Travel exercises

I still like to exercise when I travel and sometimes the hotels don't have gyms. At times like this I find taking some bands and doing burpees really helpful. I do them as a circuit or in an interval cycle e.g. 60 secs exercising and 30 secs resting for about 8 rounds. I'd be curious to know what others do in similar circumstances


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    If the hotel has a gym or pool then I use those. I also sometimes do the 7 minute app exercises but usually more than 1 session. That being said I just got back from a week of travel and I pretty much did nothing even though there was a gym, pool or my app. I travel a lot for work and I don't always have the motivation I should
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    Hi guys,

    I travel for work and spend about 50-60% of my time in the field, mostly in Asia, sometimes in great hotels in big cities and other times in extremely remote areas staying in villages. I work very long hours in the field and sometimes also travel extremely long distances by car for days/weeks on end. Sometimes the areas where I work have unexploded UXOs and others aren't so safe especially for women on their own in the evenings. I often also don't have any control over my food choices.

    After years of this, I realised that I had to stop using this lifestyle as an excuse I have worked really hard to try and maintain my fitness and weight loss despite of my working conditions ....

    Alot of people ask me about I keep it together, so a while back I wrote a blog and promptly forgot about it til your message popped up ... here is the link and I hope you find it helpful!! :) If you can't get it let me know and I will just post it here!
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    I travel with work a fair bit too, to some random locations in Aus and o/s. It's WA next week and i'll be taking my running stuff. I think travelling is a good opportunity to have a run somewhere different and explore the area you're in. In fact I don't run that much at home (I do other exercise stuff instead) but enjoy it when I'm away (very rarely on treadmills though - just looking at them makes my eyes glaze over with boredom). I usually chuck a skipping rope in my bag too although it doesn't always get used! The other thing is I'm a member of Fitness First, so if I'm in a city I usually try to find one of those and do a class or two.
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    I take a resistance band. Do unilateral stuff as it's easier to make the exercise more challenging without a great deal of equipment/weight.
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    I saw one of my friends on here took some weights that you can fill up with water etc on her holiday, thought that was pretty cool.