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Okay, so my doctor emailed me that my cholesterol #'s are bad. Anyone here doing low carb with high cholesterol. I'm worried about the fat now....


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    Yep, my numbers aren't crazy bad, but lots of studies out there discredit the theory that all fat is bad for your heart. You don't have a ton of weight left too lose so two things I've been told by my doctor about high cholesterol, get healthy fats like fish, avocado's nuts, and exercise more. However, my Medical Doctor seemed to think my Cholesterol numbers were bad, my Naturopathic Doctor said they weren't all that alarming, that we all have a different range of normal for all of us and she asked me about family history and indicated that my numbers could just be where my normal is.

    So depending on what "bad" means on how concerned you need to be?
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    They will settle down. Mine did. I had triglycerides that were literally unchartable they were so high (over 800), now I'm at 194 which is a HUGE drop for me, not perfect, but very good for me. My cholesterol numbers are very good now, they weren't so hot when I first started doing keto so just give it some time.

    Remember that the cholesterol in your blood is NOT the cholesterol you are eating. Your body manufactures your blood cholesterol.
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    Okay, so my doctor emailed me that my cholesterol #'s are bad. Anyone here doing low carb with high cholesterol. I'm worried about the fat now....

    "Thumbs UP" for the comments of both previous posters!

    First question to ask your doc is, "what is the breakdown of the LDL number (how many small, dense vs how many "fluffy/bouyant")?
    (chances are s/he's not even measuring and it matters - a LOT)

    Next question is what is the % relationship Cholesterol to Triglycerides?
    (much more important than simple HDL/LDL numbers)

    It's not impossible that the doc is "right" and there actually is a problem but I'd sure want to know exactly what that conclusion is based on. If just the results of the dime store LDL/HDL test done by most docs and their "pat" understanding of dietary fats, I'd look elsewhere for medical opinion.

    Here's a start - it's oversimplified but there are a number of very good cites to actual clinical studies that might be of interest to your doc.

    For a more in-depth understanding, read these:

    And for the video "short course", have a look at this (might want to do this first)
  • What does your doctor mean by bad? What is the breakdown? We're you tested for Lipoproteins, C-Reactive Proteins, Calcium Score?Triglicerides?

    75% of heart attack sufferers had normal to excellent cholestrol levels.There people who have extremely high cholestoral that have are in excellent shape artery wise. Google the Maasai People. They eat primarily, raw meat, raw blood, and raw milk.

    What many studies are coming out is the high level of inflammation being the issue. Some point to sugar being the caue of inflammation. For some they have a hereditary disposition of being hyper responders (LDL-P, apoB gene).

    I have Coronary Artery Disease..but my HDL/LDL, Lipoproteins, and triglicerides are EXCELLENT....however my calcium score is 75 (very bad) which is rather rare for my age and lifestyle. I'm left with trying to control my thyroid and inflammation levels because all my other tests are unremarkable. For me that means taking my wheat allergy very seriously now; its not the same as gluten intolerance. I'm allergic to the whole darn plant!