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    Hey people,

    I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There are not many KB'lers here. I don't know anyone that does it for instance. I have being working out with KB's for 2 years. Now I am trying to get in shape and taking my workout seriously.
    Hey Alexander,

    What resources did you use to learn and what type of kettlebell(s) do you have?

  • There's an Art of Strenght partner in Brazil. I bought his video (in portuguese), and study a lot via
    I have 2 8 kg e 2 16 kg KB's.
  • TheMerryPup
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    There's an Art of Strenght partner in Brazil. I bought his video (in portuguese), and study a lot via
    I have 2 8 kg e 2 16 kg KB's.
    Excellent! Art of Strength videos are what I started out with and still use from time to time.
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    I am new to this site, not even a full week yet, but so far really liking it. I am in Delaware and I have been going to a kettlebell gym for 2 months now, and am totally hooked. I go 3 times a week for 30 minutes and we use the kettlebells, ropes, bandaloops, turkish get ups, all that crazy stuff. I have my first weigh in and fitness testing this Friday so I get to see the results of my hard work. I'm excited but super nervous.
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    *shy.. peeks*

    Hello. My name is Isabelle. I'm a very new KBer, but love the idea. I've been on MFP for a couple of years now and it's helped me lose quite a bit of weight.
    Started out purchasing one 5# KB to go in my circuit training. I'm doing the memorial day challenge ( so I'm excited to learn all the ways to use the kettlebell. This looks like the perfect group for that.

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    I've been a member here for about a week so figured it was time I introduced myself. I'm Chuck from Myrtle Beach. Haven't really used kettlebell much until now. I got an adjustable one for my birthday that I really like. I've done workouts that incorporate kettlebells but usually substituted a dumbbell but it's just not the same. I also tried a kettlebell handle that you add weight plates to but it was too hard to change plates when needed and just too awkward to use. I'm using the Skogg System workout and so far so good.
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    Hi, My name is Michele and I purchased the Kettleworx program about 2 months ago. My husband and I kept watching the commercial and I took the plunge and bought it. I am addicted and in love with it.

    I am 37, a work from home mom of 2 boys (9 and 6) and love being able to be home when they need me... and let's face it.. not having to commute every day anymore!

    I'm looking forward to getting some new workout ideas; currently on wk4 of the 6wk body makeover and it's going great!
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    Hi all

    My name is Fran and I'm 34 and from Manchester, UK.

    I've just taken the plunge and bought a set of cast iron kettlebells (4kg + 8kg + 10kg). I bought Kettlebells for Dummies book written by RKC Instructon, Sarah Curie. It's good but a lot of info to take in for a beginner!

    I'm looking at DVDs and see she has also done a set of 3 DVDs, Iron Core. Can't get them in the UK at the moment although the first 2 volumes are available in UK format on eBay. Are they the best out there or are there other equally good ones?

    I've seen one on Amazon UK called Kettlercise for Women but not sure if it's well regarded. A lot of people seem to be very anti Kettleworx and Kettlenetics so wasn't sure if this falls into the same category?

    Great to have a group of people who all use kettlebells to interact with :-)

    I've got the Iron Core dvd set. It includes her Iron Core Volume One and Volume Two workouts, which are great for learning the basics. It also has a Boot Camp workout and 2 Warrior workouts.

    I don't know if they are the "best" but in my opinion they are pretty good. I use the Boot Camp and Warrior dvds which go through 4 rounds of 5 or so exercises with a break in between each round and then an abs section at the end. For the Warrior 2 workout you would need 2 kettlebells of equal weight.

    The downside is each workout is essentially the same exercises in each round, repeated 4 times. If you have the discipline to come up with a workout on your own you could easily do it without the dvd. I like having a dvd to work along with though to reduce the temptation to say "That's enough for today".

    There is also a ton of information and instructional videos on

    Anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Iron Core dvds! Purchased on Ebay for pretty cheap...Amazon was around $17 now. Not too bad.

    I have been weightlifting for 3 months, and have seen tremendous improvement in my body. I really don't have any weight to lose, but want to burn off the fat. I decided to switch it up and try kettlebells for a few months to see if that does it.

    While waiting for the dvds, I purchased a 15# KB and looked up some videos on YouTube. Just to try it out. I haven't done anything serious yet, but am looking forward to it. Glad I found this group and will love to read tips, progress reports and general chat!
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    I never introduced myself, oops! My name is Hayley, I'm 25, currently weigh 180 and hoping to get down to 130ish. I've been doing kettlebells for about 7 months, 2-3 times per week. I started out with a 15# and a Lauren Brooke's DVD, and currently am using a 30# and my own routine. Feel free to friend me :)
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    Hi! I'm a complete n00b when it comes to kettlebells. I got my first one, it arrived yesterday. After research I was tolg to use an 8kg competition steel kettlebell. I hope that is right. Well it arrived and I did the beginner corner of yesterday. I'm really excited!!

    I'm extremely overweight and I'm having trouble holding certain positions like my elbows in my side and the rack position. (I also have a really big chest I wear a G cup bra. So any suggestions I'm all ears for. What I did do of the kettlebell I had a blast! It seems like a really fun way to work out!!
  • oops...messed up this one
  • Hi everyone!

    After spending some really amazing time with Tracy Reifkind this past weekend, I'm recharged and recommitted! I canceled my Weight Watchers membership and have joined here. I'm committed to journaling my food, and working out with kettlebells at least 3 times a week. I have my own bells: two 8kg, a 10kg, two 12kg, a 14kg, a 16kg and a 20kg. My ultimate goal is to be certified and offer private training to middle aged people who have never considered themselves show them what this handy little "gym with a handle" can do for them!

    I'm going to be seeing Tracy again in a couple months, and I want to blow her away with the improvements between now and then!

  • Hi, I am Karen and I just turned 50. I started getting back in shape and have lost 28 lbs in 90 days on MFP. Looking to up my exercise and the kettlebells sounded cool. I am now the proud owner of a 6kg Adler which actually may be too light but will do to get started. I am reading Pavel's ETK which has been helpful. I got a dvd by Tracy Reifkind but it is not instructional. However, I am pretty good at copying movement so it will help me. That along with the descriptions in ETK should help me get started this week. I wish I had looked for this group before - it is something trying to discern the good sources of info and which kettlebells to get.

    Karen, the DVD "Mastering the Hardstyle Kettlebell Swing" by Mark and Tracy Reifkind is very instructional. Plus Tracy just published a REALLY good book in March - it's called "The Swing - Lose the Fat and Get Fit". It's a really, really, really good book. She also posts tons of instructional videos on her blog:

    That's her and I in my profile pic. She was just up where I live this past weekend, and now I can call her a friend, not just someone I look up to! :D

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    So jealous! I saw the pics on FB!
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    Hey fellow kb'ers,

    I've been working with them for about two months alternating between: Skoggs System, Lauren Brooks. Tracy Reifkind and Sarah Lurie. I started off swinging 10# and now I'm up to 20#. I will be purchasing a larger kb this weekend. In just a short amount of time, I've lost alot of inches and have gotten much stronger. I actually feel my body tightening/firming...yes, I am addicted to these workouts. Pavel's "Enter the KB" is an excellent source for proper form.

    Yesterday I joined a kb challenge at this website: There are 3 phases (18 wks.) to the program which includes exercise/nutrition/community network) and it is FREE! I can't wait to see the results at the end!!
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    I am new to the site and kettlebells. I have an RKC certified gym nearby and I have been going there 3 times a week for a couple of weeks now. I love it. What's nice is even in my short time working with them I've notice improvements.

    Looking forward to getting fit and learning more about the kettlebell community.
  • Just testing...


    This pic isn't me. If it were me, I'd be barefoot.
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    Hey Everyone, My name is Lisa and I am so glad to find a Kettle-bell group. I love love love my kettle-bells and have been doing them for a year now. I also do Sarah Lurie, Laura Brooks and my boys bought me Kettleworx. I recently had surgery so I just started back last week and purchased Laura Brooks. The only thing I don't care for are the rest, as there seems to be too many but I was just previewing and actually haven't started so I am hoping I will need those breaks.

    Tess, your funny. I too just quit weight watchers and joined this. I just started Sunday. I am now exploring the site. I am actually following South Beach diet and watching my calories as well. This is a great website and I am sharing this with the girls at work.

    Question, I am not finding anything under cardio to record my workout. Someone said Kettlebells was under cardio but I cant find anything when I search. I did find running as I run 4 miles just about every day.

    I hope everyone has a great evening.
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    Hi, My name is Dave and I've been doing kettlebell workouts for about two months with a trainer. He also has me doing other training methods to help me build up the support muscles for the "harder" KB movements. Its a blast and I can already see a change in my strength and the build of my muscles. Its great to see that there is a group on here dedicated to this.

    I look forward to sharing and reading updates about the Kettlebell experience.
  • Hi All....I am Ed and I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA

    I have been using KBs for a couple of years now and truly love them. I am constantly looking for better technique and to just become better at them. I am also into other crossfit style of WO which include Ultimate Sandbag training, weightlifting, boxing, HIIT, etc

    I look forward in going through the discussion thread here and getting to know you all better

    Take care