Park Run

Is anybody here from the UK? If so, do you know about Park Run? Every Saturday morning, all over the country, there are free, timed, marshalled 5k runs which are open to anybody of whatever standard. I've done the Cardiff one 4 times, run/walking 2 min. intervals - which took me 41 minutes! - and was cheered on and encouraged all the way round, even though I was nearly last and they had to wait for me! Loads of club/elite runners are there, but so are complete beginners, children, very fat people and mums/dads with pushchairs. It's a marvellous organisation, and I do urge you to find the one in your area (just Google Park Run) and add it into your training. I live in Italy now so can't go, but I'll be there on Jan. 7th. when I go back to visit!