Show me your ink!

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What do you have? How many hours? Did you pass out, puke or cry? I want the details!

I will start =) I am Ashley, age 24.

I got my first tattoo in August 2008; strength on my right wrist. I was going through a rough time with family things and it served the purpose of giving me strength whenever my head fell to my hands in defeat. I threw up in the midst of having this one done =\

My next (and most recent) was in September 2011; on my left shoulderblade-a very meaningful tribute to my father, who passed in September 2010. The rose is dripping tears representing that I will always hurt and miss him, but the words around the outside "the love of a father runs deep, i loved her first" serve as a reminder of the good times - these are lyrics from the song we danced to at my wedding in '09. I was seconds away from a nap on this one, lol - no nausea at all =)

So, how many do I have? 3 hours...because a 20 minute tat and a 4 hour tat are not the same =-P


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    ive got 2 :) two legs full heh
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    My profile image shows an older picture of my sleeve. All of the single pieces have been colored in, I just need to get the background and one small part done but lacking the funds at the moment.

    Along with that, I've got a piece on my left inner forearm of two pink checkered flags that says Lucky 17, nautical star behind each of my ears, "Those who mind don't matter" on my right inner wrist, "Those who matter don't mind" on my right inner wrist, and my first tattoo which is complete crap and will be getting covered which is a star design with my fiance and my initials in it.
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    i wish the site didnt make all the img all small or id post but its just gonna butcher them
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    Ive got three and no way of uploading pics here at work.

    I have Kanji 'happiness' on my hip (yes, I speak and read Japanese lol), I have a spiral design on my wrist (it was something I saw in a peice of jewlery and loved) and I have my dogs name 'Penni' across my foot.

    Next month Im getting a little man holding a globe of the world either across my back, or down one side. Travelling is a huge part of my life so for anyone who knows me - this design suits me perfectly. Im also thinking of getting my last name on me somewhere - I am the last of my family with this name. Just a bit torn because Im not that close to my family, but I do mourn the loss of our name.
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    Freaking hell! Your legs are AWESOME!!!!

    I have a full sleeve, and when I say full its completely covered and over 90 hours of work! It was all done by freehand, I dont have any decent photos as its not long finished and waiting for the last bit to heal up :)

    But its pretty insane and people are constantly coming up to me on the street and talking to me about it
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    Freaking hell! Your legs are AWESOME!!!!

    ^^^^^That^^^^^^ I don't have any to upload straight but I am on

    find me here:
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    I cant wait to get my photos done of my arm! I am getting one of my mates who is a photographer to do some awesome shots!
  • Posting all of my ink would take too much time, lol. To start off with, I have 13 tattoos total, but have been poked 18xs. How long? Nooo freakin idea. Painful? Of course but varying degrees... the most painful was the lower spine. None of them made me cry, faint, or even feel naseous. However I did come up with some pretty inventive curse words, lmao. Link to my FB photo album of all my tattoos if your interested in checking them out.
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    No puking, no crying, no passing out, I find it theraputic actually, I want to get a half sleeve, and I have more I want on my back but here are a couple of my little ones.

    th_005.jpg Tramp stamp

    th_042.jpg Foot
  • a nightmare before xmas sleeve,
    half of my pin up sleeve is done,
    started one leg up to the knee so far, back of my neck,
    and a cover up of my ex husbands name on my right hip its a stamp that says REJECT over his name but i can't find a pic
    I have some pics on my profile but I'm new and i can't work out how to put them here :(
  • That's mine: a feather on my right rib-cage (this picture was taken right after I got inked)
    It means so much to me and I am really glad I got it done.

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    Wow, you all have some gorgeous ink! Keep em coming!
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    I have 5, now. I'll post pictures later, but, for now, I have (all on the left side):

    1.) the Rambaldi eye on the back of my wrist (this: <o>), my first ever, which, uh, was not done professionally and I don't remember how long it took (I was slightly drunk), but not long
    2.) the Dark Mark on my forearm, which was my first professional one and took about an hour, give or take
    3.) a fishbowl (with two fish floating in space inside) on a shooting star with the words "Wish You Were Here" on my shoulder (it's a Pink Floyd thing), which was my second professional one (and only color one), took about two hours, and was designed by me in memory of my uncle
    4.) a star (I know, I know) on the palm of my hand, also not done professionally, which took three one hour sessions, done old school
    5.) the Stargate Earth address on the side of my arm, done professionally in March (with my tax return), which took about an hour and a half

    I cringed a couple of times during some of these. Does that count?
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    i have 5 tattoos my computer is a piece of crap so i cant post pics, no puking no crying but of course painful but different kinds and degrees.