start date for each of you?

MJ7910 Posts: 1,282 Member
just wondered when everyone is starting. I"m planning on Dec 11 right now. what about you all? earlier/later is fine of course


  • kimziebaby
    kimziebaby Posts: 133 Member
    I'll start on the same date as you. :)
  • Giraffe33991
    Giraffe33991 Posts: 434 Member
    I was thinking of starting the day after Thanksgiving going through Christmas.
  • suzanne63
    suzanne63 Posts: 616 Member
    I think around December 11th,12th would be good.I'll start when ever you start.:smile:
  • I'll start on the 11th of DEC as well
  • ycc1964
    ycc1964 Posts: 701 Member
    December 11, is ok with me.
  • Jade_Butterfly
    Jade_Butterfly Posts: 2,967 Member
    December would be great. . I just bought this video and have done it once. . Gosh I was sore for 3 days. . She definitely knows what she is doing!:bigsmile:
  • jellybean1971
    jellybean1971 Posts: 417 Member
    I hope its ok I joined you ladies, I would love to start in December
  • loveme445
    loveme445 Posts: 2,444 Member
    I plan on starting Monday Dec 12th
  • mestupscout
    mestupscout Posts: 82 Member
    I did it for the first time today. I was planning to keep going...Let's see if I can walk tomorrow and I'll know for sure.
  • Summerleahd
    Summerleahd Posts: 314 Member
    I'm in the middle of it right now. But I'll start again when you guys do! Probably a monday, 12th. I'm also excited for her new one coming out in December
  • Hourglass25
    Hourglass25 Posts: 345 Member
    I would love to start on dec with you guys!!
  • All4Tris
    All4Tris Posts: 215 Member
    I think I'm going to officially start December 1st! But I'm going to test it out a couple of times before then!
  • smurfette75
    smurfette75 Posts: 854 Member
    I'm currently doing 6 week 6 pack. Was going to do this one next. So I will be starting Dec. 12.
  • MJ7910
    MJ7910 Posts: 1,282 Member
    great! it helps to have some buddies doing this together!
  • lilmisslanna
    lilmisslanna Posts: 104 Member
    I think I will start on December 1st , im currently just doing Zumba 2x a week, So I would love to incorporate it into my schedule
  • suzanne63
    suzanne63 Posts: 616 Member
    I think I would like to start this December 1st also if that is ok.I would be done with Ripped in 30 and then go straight into this.:smile:
  • I'm thinking of doing this on the 28th of this month.
  • I'm also starting dec 1st. :)

    I've done two days mixed in here and there with my NMTZ...and my butt and thighs are soooo sore! It will be great! :)
  • MandyMarie01
    MandyMarie01 Posts: 448 Member
    December 9th is when I will start KB&T

    the 8th is my last day for Ripped in 30
  • Starting today, 4x per week in addition to 6w6p. Anyone willing to start and submit measurements every 2 weeks?