Struggle with Food

Does anyone else struggle with FOOD? I don't just mean, "I feel like Chinese" but "I want Chinese so much I'm seriously crying and I can't say no and it makes me SO mad, but I still can't stop wanting Chinese!"

I am a food addict. I always have been. Funny thing is--when I'm stressed-I don't eat. But I'm truly addicted to tastes and the food itself. I love food.

Today I caved. I ate Chinese. I was crying before I even ordered it which should have been a sign to say NO! Don't do it! But I did. However, I did not eat the buffet, I ordered one order to go (and no crab rangoons!). I ate HALF of the order. NOT all of it--I'm sending it with my husband in his lunch tomorrow! But still--I'm SO angry that I caved. Yes, I made baby steps by not eating the buffet and by not eating the whole order, but I still caved. It makes me mad. I've got SO many emotions wrapped up with FOOD.

Does anyone else have this problem? I'm struggling! :(


  • shydaisi
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    I try my best not to completely eliminate anything from my diet.

    Chinese can be difficult because you can't get a very good estimation of the caloric content. When I am having a Chinese craving, I go to a local buffet that offers the hibachi grilling. I load up on veggies, get a small amount of protein (shrimp if I can as it is lower in calories than the others), and a small amount of pasta or rice if I am craving it. I request they use a small amount of butter/oil and more water to steam them a little more than saute them. And, either no sauce and add soy at the table, or ask for the sauce on the side so I can monitor exactly how much. I also try to do this on my high burn days so I have a little more flexibility in my caloric goals for the day. It may not be quite the same as what I might have ordered before, but it is extremely good and satisfies my craving.

    This is a lifestyle change for me and I refuse to give up anything. I eat Chinese, Mexican, ice cream, pasta, rice, cheese, creamy sacues, candy, cookies, etc., but it is all in moderation and within my caloric goals. I might be way over on my sugar or sodium for the day, but as long as it isn't a daily problem, that isn't an issue for me. If I give up eating any particular food, it leads to binging, and guilt, and eating to assuage the guilt, which leads to a never ending cycle that will get me back to where I started. It also gives food power over me.... which I refuse to do.

    Don't let the guilt overwhelm only ate half, which I doubt was too bad. Make sure your dinner choice is extra healthy. Take an extra walk this evening. The biggest problem is going to be the sodium - drink TONS of water (at least half of your body weight in ounces) to counteract it. AND, get back to business as usually. The thing about instances like this is not the single time, it is all the occurances that follow because you got of track. If you jump right back on the wagon, the "consequences" will be negligible.

    YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • redfroggie
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    Yes, I do. I love food. I don't stress or emotion eat, I eat because I love the flavour. I love to cook and I love trying new dishes and oh did I mention I love to eat???
    The thing is as long as it fits in your calorie goals, it's okay. The fact that you didn't eat the buffet and you didn't eat it all is a huge goal! You can't deny yourself the things you like or you tend to binge. You just have to make room for them. The other night I had a nice big calorie deficeit that I wanted to keep but I really wanted an ice cream. So I threw on some sweats and hopped on the wii fit to burn off the calories that were in the ice cream. It made the ice cream that much yummier. So eat what you love, but make sure it fits in your budget.
  • Thanks, Ladies! I definitely won't deny myself anything as I know that is NOT going to get me anywhere in the long run! I wouldn't have felt so bad about eating Chinese if I had planned for it. In fact, it's not even that I ate Chinese at all. The thing that bothers me is my attachment to food. I wish I could be one of those women who forgets to eat because she wasn't thinking of it ALL day!

    I love to cook and try new dishes as well. In fact, cooking and baking are both very strong abilities of mine! I'm not giving up what I love because I'm weak. I just don't want to cave because I am weak. Does that make sense?

    Anyway--back on track! I've already counted the calories the best I can and now I must back off! Bring on the H2O! :)